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Angesteckt von den vielen positiven Erlebnissen, die wir mit der KonMari-Methode gemacht haben, möchten wir den Zauber weitergeben und unsere Erfahrungen mit Euch teilen. Wir laden Euch ein mit uns die besten KonMari Tipps und Trick auszuprobieren. Wir freuen uns drauf! @mariekondo

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Berlin, Germany

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Walking by these shelves spark joy! Taking one of these books off the shelf and randomly reading a page or two CALMS me down in the middle of the day! 💙💙💙 #displaycalm #habits #calm #calmapp #breath #takeabreak #clutterfree #organized #sparkjoy #helpsparkjoy #homedecor #sparoom

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Part of a bookshelf – sparking joy with classic books, memorabilia and diverse ways of storing the books. #konmari #declutter #books #shelf #bookshelf #reclam #shakespeare #heidi #memorabilia #order #minimalism #joy #sparkjoy

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When I was younger I used to look forward to my birthday because I knew I would get presents in the form or an overpriced piece of clothing or something that I thought I needed. I thought that was joy and happiness. This birthday the gift that bought me the most joy was the cute little love heart and the words "to mum" that my 4yr old drew for me and the beautiful tulips that my husband surprised me with. There is beauty in simplicity. The simple things are usually free and oh so wonderful, but sometimes we are too distracted to notice them. Thanks to my nearest and dearest for the birthday love, the happiness is beaming out of me, Im so lucky xxx #bestbirthdayever#love#family#simplethings#wonderful#spoilt#blessed#world#sparkjoy

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Post-cleaning peace #konmari #sparkjoy #sheercurtains

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DECLUTTER // This is some of the results of my 'spring cleaning' decluttering🌿 I started decluttering my stuff about 2-3 years ago and the benefits has been many! Having less stuff makes house cores like cleaning and tidying a breeze, I know where everything is 'cause everything has it's place and I can spend my time doing things I'd rather do, like my hobbies🤗 It's also easier to pack for trips/travels and I've got less stuff to worry about (both as luggage and at home)! One of the areas I tackled this spring was my DVD-collection (I even stumbled over a VHS or two for those who remember those things😂). I love watching movies, but I usually go to the cinema, borrow a DVD from the library or I view them through netflix/HBO etc these days which makes having a large DVD collection at home unnecessary📽 I went through my entire collection, held each one in my hand and asked myself 'am I really gonna watch this again?' The answer was no to the pictured pile. I kept my favs that I'll continue to rewatch, and I also kept a handful that I wasn't sure whether to keep or not. I put them away and will review them a second time (which usually ends with me getting rid of most of it, but that separation period really helps seeing it clearer)✌🏼As they're still in excellent condition, I had friends/family go through my no-pile to see if there were anything they wanted to have and donated the rest to a neighbour who sells secondhand stuff to support her charity organization. Don't know how much she'll get from them, but every penny helps!🙌🏼 Win-win!♻️🌍📽🎞📺🎥💿🌀🚯

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このシリーズ入荷数1点ずつって少ない( Ꙭ)

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A bit random but my colour coordinated fruit and veg drawer is making me very happy 🌈🌈🌈 #decluttering #sparkjoy #homeorganisation #tidying #organisation #mum #mummy #mumblog #mumblogger #mumofgirls #mummyblogger #instamum #organisedmummy

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Menghitung hari menjelang persalinan...
Properti Abang Kakak ini bakal dipakek "adek bayi" sebentar lagi (in shaa Allah)
Sekian tahun gak punya asisten rumahtangga bikin bumil belajar bebenah, menyusun segalanya sendiri di tengah kerempongan kehamilan di usia yang "secantik" ini 💅💋
Mamak mamak rempong emang harus terus memupuk sabar dan belajar ikhlas yaa... apalagi yang sudah lama gak ngurusin perintilan bayi seperti ini. Bahkan nyaris lupa 😂
Intinya hidup harus dibawa hepi, bikin suasana hepi biar hati juga hepi, meski sering dihadapkan pada situasi yang gak nyaman, "noise noise" yang gentanyangan dan suka muncul tiba-tiba 😅😅 (makhluk apa itu? Haha)
Bismillah semangat menjalani kehidupan pasca persalinan dan menyusui lagi... Mohon do'a dari para mamak di seantero jagad IG 💪💪🙏🙏
Dan selamat berpuasa di hari ke 10 bulan suci Ramadhan, semoga kita bisa terus memperbaiki kualitas diri dan iman. Aamiin

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⚽️⚽️Diuen que ens quedem amb el que ens faci feliç. Doncs jo aquest cap de setmana em quedo amb la cara de felicitat del meu petit després de que el gran @pacosedano28 li firmés les seves vambes de porter. 💛💛💛 Gracies per la paciència. 😁😀
⚽️⚽️Dicen que nos tenemos que quedar con lo que nos hace felices. Pues yo este fin de semana me quedo con la cara de felicidad de mi pequeño después de que el gran @pacosedano28 le firmará sus zapatillas de portero.💛💛💛 Gracias por tu paciencia. 😁😀 #enjoyorder #sparkjoy #futsal

Vilassar de Mar

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🧥Clothes✨ ⬅️Old—This designer brand blazer, a fun find at TJMaxx, passed my joy-check during my tidying festival over a year ago. I proudly wore it when I met @mariekondo, but it has collar sweat stains I just can’t get off, wrinkles from the strain of being a tight fit with my post-baby body, and those cute pinstripes obviously aren’t white. 🙏Today, I finally let them go with many thanks. ➡️New—This sparked joy the instant I tried it on! It’s soft fabric won’t wrinkle easily, and its scrunched sleeves are a tried-and-true style for me (I have a 10-year-old black blazer that’s similar). Will I wear this the next time I see KonMari? 💖 #konmari #sparkjoy #white #blazer #zara

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We are absolutely in love with @charlottes_cupboard 🤩 as if package-free stores aren’t cool enough, imagine if they come to you too?! 🚙 if you’re in Brighton, keep an eye out for these guys 💚💚💚 •
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2 more FB BSS sales this weekend! A pair of shoes and a baby sleeping bag. I put them up for sale at the start of May and they didn’t sell. Rather than get rid of them I thought I would wait a couple of weeks and then renew the listing... I’m glad I did because now I have an extra $40 and 2 people have gotten bargains! I’m waiting on 2 more items to be collected this week 🤞 because that will be another $30.
One of my May goals was to get rid of anything that hasn’t sold... but today just proves sometimes it’s good to wait because things will sell eventually! 😊

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Selesai bebenah, lihat barang yang spark joy saatnya menentukan storage yang pas dan posisi masing masing. Jangan lupa untuk menambahkan sedikit percikan rasa segar, cinta dan gembira di area yang monoton. Seperti meja kerja (misal). Tambahkan dekorasi yang mampu memberikan semangat kerja. Boleh dari barang kenangan atau quotes yang menginspirasi.
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It has been a weekend of clearing out that which no longer sparks joy.

Clothing, household items, weeding and sweeping the garden, anything that was holding an energy I no longer desired to keep in this beautiful space I said goodbye to with gratitude.

Whether it is Spring where you are or Autumn like we are experiencing here, I feel there is an internal seasonal shift that takes place where we automatically feel the need to clear and make way for the new.

I always like to energetically complete the clearing with a sage smudge ritual, set a loving intention of how I wish to feel in my home and the fill the house with gratitude for all that I am and all that I have.

The house now feels lighter and brighter than before, and I feel calm, peaceful, and ready to start a fresh new week.

If you feel you need to do a cleanse of the home, you don’t have to do it all at once. Pick a cupboard or one room per week so that it’s less overwhelming. Cx

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Sunday. Baking, cooking, reading and napping...bliss. I love and use a whole range of containers in my clients pantries according to their style, budget and pantry dimensions so I thought I'd share what I use. In my pantry, which is not big, I love the simplicity and function of my @decoraustralia containers. These big cake size containers are used for storing everyday products like flour, rice, couscous etc and the smaller sizes for less used items such as cocoa, brown sugar etc, all stackable and look extra stylish with my labels from @wordshewrote The pantry is the hub of the home and for me it needs to be ordered and calm and should definitely spark joy when you open it! Just find a container style you like and use it throughout to create order and calm. Happy Sunday! #notsponsoredjustlove #sundayvibes #inthekitchen #happysunday #baking #labels

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Saturday Evening Vibes.

Warm Sands, Palm Springs

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To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must discard those that have outlived their purpose. - Marie Kondo #sparkjoy #konmari #decluttering #tidy

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Things are happening!! Give a like if you feel like everything is coming together. .
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Going through Jewelry seems to be one of the more challenging categories for my clients. I rather enjoy it. It’s ALL so pretty to me. Today I was asked “Why is this important to go through?” Just like clothing, it’s how you are SEEN. Does it represent who you ARE?
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Carson City, Nevada

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