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Fred Perry Ringer
Lengan Panjang
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“We are proud and unapologetic, we encourage you to be the same” LOVE UNITES #adidas

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Amor Fati. (Latin for “love of fate”), is about learning to love and accept everything that happens.
The Stoics had a metaphor for what they called the logos or the universal guiding force of the universe. We are like a dog tied to a moving cart, they thought. We have two options. We can struggle with the foolish notion of control and dig our hind legs in as the cart pulls us, challenging every step while being forcibly dragged. Or we can go along for the ride, enjoy it and take our freedoms where they come.
To do great things, we need to be able to endure tragedy and setbacks. We’ve got to love the fate that live brings us and all that it entails, good and bad. We have to learn to take in every single thing that happens.
The next step after we discard our expectations and accept what happens to us, after understanding that certain things—particularly bad things—are outside our control, is this: loving whatever happens to us and facing it with unfail- ing cheerfulness.
We can then put our energies and emotions and exertions where they will have real impact. This is that place. We will tell ourselves: This is what I’ve got to do or put up with? Well, I might as well be happy about it.
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adidas x Pharrell NMD Human Race “Black
Condition: 9.5/10
Size: US 6
Price: IDR 5.500.000
100% Original or Money Back Guarantee
📱Line alifanggoro
📞WA +6281213108930

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@for.nana.cat grinding for a bright future! 👀✌🏽 -
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52° 30' 9.31" N 13° 20' 18.63" E SOLEBOX

40° 53' 14.92" N 74° 0' 20.29" W PACKER

Inspired by the Silfra Rift, a point on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet.

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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Fired up!!!! #FBF 🎬@adidashockey #teamadidas
(Credit To: @subbanator)

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Fired up!!!! #FBF 🎬@adidashockey #teamadidas
(Credit To: @subbanator)

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Fired up!!!! #FBF 🎬@adidashockey #teamadidas
(Credit To: @subbanator)

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Keeping the fire 🔥 #threeSTRIPES 🌍
📸 by @adifuturecraft

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Mírame y llega directo a mi alma... 😏
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M1L3L3 #threeSTRIPES 🌍
📸 by @impactshop

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