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OK, it never gets old... I can’t count how many times Clark has been hungry and has tried to feed on Ryan... I know it happens to everyone but I think it’s especially hilarious on my big, manly husband 😂 At the same time, I also can’t count how many times Clark’s food is RIGHT in front of him but won’t open his mouth to catch the milk!
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So funny that this verse came to mind while in a feeding standoff with Clark today: Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it. - Psalm 81:10. Haha! God reminded his people (and us) who He was (a rescuer in big ways) in the verses right before this and, that because of who He is, that He knows what is best and most loving and is eager to admonish them (and us)— if they would just open their mouths [hearts]. 🤦🏽‍♀️... and suddenly I’m feeling a little like Clark. haha I’m guilty of closing my eyes and pursing my lips, too, by praying too small of prayers and having too small of hopes to a big God who is infinitely able to do abundantly more than I can ask or imagine. I’m praying with the psalmist in 119:33 that God would “enlarge my heart” and open my mouth wider to taste his goodness, receive his mercy, find his grace and be satisfied by more of Him.

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HAPPY MONDAY AND A BLESSED WEEK AHEAD! 😇🙏❤️💐🌹🌸🌷🌻 🌼"Be grateful for the tiny details of your life and make room for unexpected and beautiful blessings."🌼 ~Author Unknown
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Life is going to throw you curve balls, that is life 💯 Your attitude towards what gets thrown at you is your choice! You can read into things, blame other people, take no responsibility and bury your head in the sand. OR you can accept that not everyone is the same, not everyone thinks the way you do, not every situation is going to go to plan and such is life 💖 As cliche as it sounds it’s important to look for the goodness, even when things seem at their worst! Today I’m grateful for heating, amazing friends, laughter and God’s leading in my life 🙏 What are some things you are grateful for? 😘😘

Geelong Waterfront

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So apparently the kids Primary lesson was on thankfulness. They both made thankyou cards. Aidan had one for me and Annessa made one for her Grandma.
Aidan gave me his card after church and was so excited because "This is something I never Thank You for"! We wait till we get home to go through anything from church so this WHOLE drive I am thinking about all the sweet things he could thank me for. (For being his mom, for cooking food, for driving him to his activities...........) Nope.
Not my kid. He thanked me for Mariokart. 🤔🤨🙄 Heaven help me. He thanked me for Mariokart.
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Quando a vida me diz "não" para algo que eu desejo muito e sei que fará toda a diferença se acontecer, sei que este "não" é momentâneo, que se for pra ser, será no tempo certo, de acordo com minhas ações alinhadas com uma intenção genuína, com meu propósito em vida. Este "não" virará um grandioso "sim", quanto mais eu tiver em mente e no coração que é necessário compreender esta passagem como uma lição a ser aprendida com todo meu espírito, e não antes disso eu alcançarei o próximo degrau de mim mesmo. Vivo o instante com o melhor que tenho, com todas as ferramentas que me foram dadas e as conquistadas, e honro meu caminho com gratidão e com a força do guerreiro que eu sou, e sigo adiante levando comigo, em minha presença, a firmeza, a leveza e a consciência onde quer que eu vá, e se isto for sentido pelos que estão a minha volta, só posso ser grato e honrar a presença destes com humildade e entusiasmo.
Aproveitando pra tirar foto do cabelo novo, digo, do não-cabelo. Haha
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When it rained earlier I put off on my husband coming to get me in CLT. Especially since the flight was just delayed. After all we did board 40 minutes after it was supposed to take off. My confidence that at least it didn’t cancel, so that means we’re good. As we flew to GSO my aircraft felt as though death was everywhere. Gripping the armrests, praying, lightning, hail, rain and my own tears. My seat mate from BOS sensed my anguish and sweetly offered her hand. Our flight ended up diverted. It was a hot scary mess!
We left CLT at 7:10pm, it’s approximately a 36 minute flight, instead we landed 2 hours later in RDU. We waited for over an hour for a gate. I don’t care about the time, cost, or anything else really. We are safe. 👏

I am happy to be on the ground and I plan to turn in a compliment for these pilots tonight. In fact the crew had me go into the cockpit to meet the captain and copilot after I had asked for their names. It’s not often I get invited up there to chew the fat and personally thank the people who landed my plane. C & M did a phenomenal job tonight!
Also the absolute best part of the night is that my friends Denver and Aaron saved the day! Expensive one way car rental avoided and time spent with my friend. I can’t think of many people that would’ve done that for me. Through it all, this day way a big adventure! I was home after midnight, but that’s ok. One day I’ll laugh about this. ✈️⛈❤️🛬💯 #homeatlast #scarynight #homesweethome #thankfulness

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Free of charge anywhere and anytime.😇

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Packaging up orders 😍😍😍😙😙😙

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Isn't she Loooveeely, Made from Love ❤️😍😍😇 #Thankfulness

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Happiness is not something you strive for.
Happiness is the little joys of life.
Do not seek happiness.
Live it!- Mehrdad Ki Meditation #happiness #joy #joyfulness #live #livenow #i#enjoyinglife #littlemoments #littlejoys #appriciate #thankfulness

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[disminuir, siempre, el daño que hacemos]
Así lucieron mis coctelitos en Jukumari Soul hoy, logrando aportar en parte a ayudar a Ajayu, el Jukumari en @senda_verde. Un gran agradecimiento a @1825vodka por auspiciar este evento para que pueda hacer cositas ricas. También agradecer a todos que han podido asistir y aportar. No hubiera sido posible sin ustedes.
Gracias, gracias, gracias; siempre.
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Eternal Tattoo Bolivia

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I am starting this week with so many feelings of gratitude.
I’m so thankful for my family, friends, experiences, memories, victories, lessons learned, EVERYTHING. The good and the bad.
Always remember that everything you go through is for a reason.
No matter where you are in life, be thankful for what you have. Sometimes the things that we don’t have can try to steal our attention. Don’t let it.
Remember that whatever you are going through, you can get through if you decide to. We can’t always control what happens to us but we can control how we react to it. Every experience, whether good or bad, is shaping us, so be thankful for it. #LPFIT #gratitude #thankfulness

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Muito bom ver mais um pedacinho da família crescendo e também mais uma linda família se formando.
Paulinho, Jéssica e o pequeno Arthur: meus primos lindos! Hoje, Pedro (grande Pedro!!!) falou sobre o meu livro para o Paulinho e... vendido! Que maravilha!!!
Pedro é um ótimo vendedor. Disse que iria vender um livro meu e vendeu mesmo!!!
- Muito obrigada, primos!
- Muito obrigada, Pedro (que é tipo primo também)!
Que Papai do Céu os abençoe sempre!!! Valeuzão!!! ❤️📚🙏
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Dom Basílio

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