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Prime pupil 📸🐴

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so very tired
Self portrait about a year and half ago. More like two probably.

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It's those simple yet profound moments that I love capturing.
I'm now booking for 2019. I only take a limited number of brides each year so be sure and hit me up if you want a spot.

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Lately I've been experiencing some intense nostalgia for Italy. The art, the culture, their immense love for family and togetherness, their kindness, sharing lengthy meals with each other at the table and not the TV. Our time there has even inspired my next journey as an entrepreneur. I guess all this is to say, never stop going. Never stop doing. Find a way. There's no excuses. Traveling and discovering and being completely clueless in another country but picking up a few words in a new language and learning how to find your way is so incredibly inspiring and eye opening. I'll never forget while we were there, we walked into a little mom and pop shop and the store owner did not speak any English, and we obviously barely knew any Italian. But he had the kindest eyes and we sat there having a conversation in Italian and English and somehow understood one another. It was so humbling, yet kindled a feeling inside me that made me want to learn more, about languages that I don't know, about cultures that I'm not accustomed to. Don't wait friend, just go. It'll change your life.
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I want to interrupt this feed with a little soap box about shooting with film.
I started shooting film just a couple of months ago and I feel like I just found a cheat for life. Currently I feel like my life might be at its most chill/exciting time. Obviously there is so much more fun to come but I constantly struggle with trying to save, but more importantly SAVOR these memories.
I graduated college a couple years ago, I’ve been married a little over a year, and I have just started my business. Fun fun fun! But how do I capture every moment without missing any of it?
FILM! Ok maybe I sound super hipster, but believe me when I say film is for EVERYONE!
So, here’s a little story: *
Last weekend Kris and I decided to go see a free Shakespeare play in the park, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Before we left I grabbed my film camera just in case. Guess what? I didn’t end up taking any pictures. Which was totally fine. We had a lovely evening and the we headed back to our car. THEN I see around the corner a strange gate with what looked like red Japanese pillars inside. So we decide to take a look! It was a International Peace Garden and it was HUGE and WE ALMOST NEVER KNEW IT EXISTED!
After an entire roll of film later, we left there feeling so warm and friendly after this beautiful garden that represented global peace. AND since I captured it on film I truly captured that day in my mind as well!
Film can help us slow down and savor our moments and not just capture them. And I realize that actually, TRULY, this doesn’t make a lot of sense until you try it.
So ask your parents, grandparents, or cousins (or in my case my great great uncle-in-law) for their old cameras! Or check out your local thrift stores! ITS WORTH THE MAGIC

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Currently sitting in Charlotte on our way back from a week in Aruba! I downloaded my most recent film scans directly to my iPhone and am too excited about these photos and this couple not to share! #sbethphoto #thefindlab #contax645

Academy of the Sacred Heart

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Life is truly made up of all the in between moments, isn’t it? The big ones matter a ton! Don’t get us wrong but the steps that we take to get us there are just as fundamental in making us who we are.

El Matador Beach

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The shots I took with my gnarly waterproof 800 speed disposible camera. From all of the times I used it, only @freddygarcia_'s photos developed. Pretty happy with the outcome. I love the expired film damage that was done as well. Check out my story to see the camera I used. 📷

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West Seattle with the wifey.. Fun Times! #k1000 #ektar100 #thefindlab

West Seattle, Seattle

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“One of the greatest acts of human courage is to open yourself up to the world, demonstrate exactly who you are, do exactly what you desire of life without the need for power, validation or love in return.” — Brendon Burchard •
The past week has been something else that I missed Fathers Day on here. Cheers to all the dads out there: the partnered, the single, the grandpa’s, the ones showing up for kids that aren’t biologically theirs. The ones modeling positive masculinity, security, respect and all the love. The world needs you. •

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Fort Collins, Colorado

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Last night we went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and there’s a scene filmed on Eternity Beach (pictured). I may or may not have squealed and hit JD saying, “that’s Eternity Beach! I shoot there all the time!!” 😜😬😍. Scan day this week came in fresh with an engagement shoot at this spot - one of my favs. #film #kodak

Eternity Beach

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I must be feeling sick because I worked today but slept from the minute I got home until Mike came in and woke me up.

Might be slightly worn out but I have sooo many exciting things coming.

P.S. everyone needs a dress like this one, damn!

MU: @beauty.by.cathy

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June, 2017 | Cascade View
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North Cascades National Park

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Pretty sunset family beach photos on my blog. #kayleentphotography #thefindlab #ektar100

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Making a summer bucket list! Ours includes: making mint ice cream, seeing a rodeo, a state or county fair, and a road trip somewhere new. Has anyone ever done one before? What’s on yours? // shot last month on #KodakPortra400 #CanonEOS3 dev/scan by #theFINDlab @thefindlab

Lazy B Ranch, LLC

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If your favorite color isn't green or blue, you need to get out in nature more. 🌊🌱
• • •
Yaquina Head, Oregon • Olympus Pen D3 • Fuji Provia 100F • 5.20.2018
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Yaquina Head

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We went north to MInnesota for a family vacation and going there was like going back in time a little. Minnesota’s spring flowers and peonies were still in bloom. Which made me think about my Sensation Lilac. It will always be my favorite. Shhh. Don't you dare tell the other flowers I've begged to grow big and strong through the years...but dayyyym, Little Miss Sensation, you rock my world.

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The colors of Ektar really feel like summer. Sometimes it seems the right filmstock does all the work for you! Ektar 100 is definitely my go to film for travel now. Most of the time we are seeing the sights during the middle of the day and it handles bright open sunshine beautifully. This picture was taken during our quick photo shoot on the pier before we dashed off to satisfy our hunger with some deep dish pizza.
Nikon FM10 with Kodak Ektar 100 Pushed 1 Stop

Navy Pier

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Saturday 😎

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Sent off Vanessa & Greg’s Carmel engagement and SO excited for these two to tie the knot in September with @swakissevents

Carmel, California

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I think it's safe to say that they will be marrying their best friend! The ease they felt with each other, the kindness that was shown..they are friends who will soon be husband and wife!
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Grings Mill Recreation Area

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