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Congratulations Dani for graduating ❤️#universityofnottingham #uongraduation

The Club House Cafe, David Ross Sports Village

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Better late than never. It’s been a pleasure Nottingham ❣️❣️ #uongraduation

University of Nottingham

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Just a couple of first class physics graduates 👩🏼‍🔬🎓 #uongraduation #uongraduation2018

University of Nottingham

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So this happened today!!! In shock, took a minute to register my face on the big screen and finding out I was #qualitywinner for July. #uongraduation and the #gardenparty broke me, but it was worth it!!!

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Beyond grateful to walk this journey w these amazing people. Thanks for existing and all the best y’all xx 😘👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓 #uongraduation

University of Nottingham

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Golden dreams... ✔️ BSc Genome Biotechnology. School of Biological Sciences, UANL, 2015. 🔬
✔️ MPH Public Health (International Health). School of Medicine, UoN, 2018. 💉

@biologiauanl @uanlred
@uoninternational @uniofnottingham

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Cárdenas, Tabasco

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#🎓 #uongraduation

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I've really made some amazing friends in the last 3 years [Some pictured here, some not - but you know who you are]! I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for these people. 🌻🌼
Really, it was 3 years of micro-adventures with them that built up to one big unforgettable experience. Whether it was the multiple unplanned trips, an actual trip taken (langkawi), exploring food spots around Semenyih, nandos, chilis and typo, scaring @naevinabeya but managing to scare the SA pres at the time instead, procrastinating on our assignments together, long drawn-out committee interviews that was mostly jokes and Malaysian political gossip that I had to work hard to keep track of (lol), a combination of wine, karaoke and cheese toast somewhere in the new halls, driving at 12am to pump petrol into a rented car (something we had never done in our lives), all that teasing and puns, watching and cheering on jobro's football matches, fumbling around in mandarin class, ALL THOSE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, or really struggling to find an uber fellow who would take us 40km from the city into an isolated jungle-university without kicking us out of the car, it was a golden era of my life. Keep in touch😙🤗
Shout out to the rest of the people who I didn't have the chance to get close to, and to the people who came into my life to merely teach me a couple of life lessons😄 you made life much more dynamic! Peace.
P.S. I've been trying to post this for days but Instagram was being stubborn
#unmgraduation #unmworld #graduatedaf #uongraduation #graduation

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (Official)

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Bit of a belated graduation post, but hey, I've been on holiday. After a turbulent first year, where I nearly made a complete u-turn to study a different degree at a different uni, it feels almost like a miracle to have graduated from the University of Nottingham with a First Class Honours degree in Management BSc (if only I knew what to do with the rest of my life) 🎓📚 #uon #uongraduation #graduate #graduation #degree #classof2018 #uni #university #certificate #gown #notts #nottingham #family #couple #hujicam #vscocam

University of Nottingham

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Friends. Without them I don't know how I could survive university life. This is dedicated to all the individuals who were there for me whenever I needed a face to turn to. To the study groups that helped me prepare for exams. To the people who I said "hi" whenever I took a break in the library. To the people who said hello back and asked how I was doing. To the people who sent me encouraging messages on social media to help me pull through. To the people who let me crash at their places just because. To the people who invited me to have meals with them because I felt overwhelmed and became a lazybum to prepare meals myself. To the people who let me borrow their stuff at the last minute. To the people who listened to me go on and on and talk about life because I needed to get it off my chest. To the people who looked up to me and saw good in me despite me feeling like a wreck inside. To the people who put down their walls and shared with me their vulnerabilities so that I could be the support they needed. To the people who calmed me down and made me look straight because I was losing focus in life. To the people who accepted my random invitations just because I wanted to try and learn new things. To the people who appreciated my presence and accepted me for who I am. I don't know what I did to deserve so many people being nice to me despite my flaws, but thank you God for blessing me with these individuals. Thank you everyone for whatever role you played in my life. Just because I haven't uploaded a picture with you doesn't mean I don't appreciate you at all. There's no way I could express my full gratititude for everyone involved. So, thank you. Thank you for being there in my journey up till now.

#uongraduation #uonpharmacy #mpharm #nottingham

University of Nottingham

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Mak, my strength and support ♥️ #uongraduation #uonpharmacy #mpharm #universityofnottingham

University of Nottingham

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Ayah, my motivation and inspiration 💪

#uongraduation #uonpharmacy #mpharm #universityofnottingham

University of Nottingham

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Dear beloved family. This degree is as much as an achievement for me as well as for you all. You are all my motivation and strength for me to push forward, to be better and to achieve higher. Thank you all for raising me to be who I am today and thank you for all the lessons you've taught me. I know I'm not perfect and life is always a learning process, but I hope I've made you all proud with this achievement of mine. I'll always try to push myself more as I build a good future for myself and all of us together inshaAllah 🎓
#uongraduation #uonpharmacy #mpharm #universityofnottingham #teamarmilan #chobros

University of Nottingham

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3 years completed and still in shock that I have a first class degree🎓🎓 thankful to my close friends and family for coming ❤️❤️ #uongraduation #graduation #melaninpoppin #issagraduate

University of Northampton

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We graduated yesterday🎉 @uninorthants #uongraduation #uon

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Missing half of my siblings and Macsen but I made it somehow 😂 #uongraduation

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"Sapientia urbs conditur"
A city is built on wisdom
How can I NOT miss this view? Thanks for the memories🌻
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Graduated, very-much-employable, and about to get out of my parents' hair(s?)! Grateful for the 3 years of growth and learning, which would not have been possible without my supportive family😄

In hindsight, I have no regrets, except maybe taking English modules. 3 years later, I still dgaf about linguistics😑 should have taken all Lit instead. I'm also happy that past-me stuck to 普通话 even though the learning curve is excruciatingly steep⛰ At least I could understand bits and pieces of what the dinner-guests were saying last night.
#unmgraduation #saunmc #uongraduation #graduatedaf

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The last grad post 🤷🏻‍♀️🤧
Congrats to myself for graduating with a whole load of University Debt LUCKY ME AY


University of Northampton

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💙💙💙 to much love for these #uongraduation #friendsforkeeps #endofanera 📚💉👩‍🎓

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