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Somewhere in amongst all this cool clutter, you can actually buy a drink 🍸 ・・・
📸 by @melanie_ismail_chan - thanks for the #myfaveplaces tag! 🙏 🍻 #osaka #japan 🇯🇵 #whatareyourfaveplaces


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Hope everyone's summer is going well! Be sure to send in photos of your adventures to shutterslugsubmissions@gmail.com or tag us on ig to get featured. (:

Santa Cruz, California

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Women tend to ignore the signs of a cheating dude

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When your bestie doubles as a smokin’ hot model!! 😍🔥

Downtown Shreveport, LA

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Stood in the cold waiting by a bus stop for this family to slowly make their way into the frame. Lady at the bus stop was undoubtedly creeped out 😂

Lyttleton Port, Christchurch

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Skimboard, numa tranquila, numa boa.
Fotinha @mamasuzuki bem @desillusion 🖤

Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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my bad. i went mia w posting on ig. what’s up? what’s new? here’s a pic from a photo shoot i had yesterday w @i.am.jackmurphy. i had so much fun collabing w him. he’s so funny and he’s good at what he does. if anyone is looking for someone to collab with, he’s one of the guys i’d recommend going to. the other people i’ve worked w are @keiberdiaz and @omar_photos04. you guys should check them out too!⠀
i have yet to collab w others. i’m def looking forward to my shoot w @amauris.hernandez, @jermgonzalo, and @gummiship. can’t wait to see what we come up with 🤗 LET’S LINK TF UP LOL.⠀
ANYWAY, keeping you guys updated on why i went mia. lately, i’ve been focusing on school/work and i’m also trying to study for my certifications that i plan on taking in the near future. i’ve also been busy w applying to internships and learning more about the CyberSecurity realm, which is pretty much why i haven’t been putting too much effort into ig and youtube. i know i promised a few youtube videos and haven’t been posting anything. it’s been a bit hectic. everytime i have free time, i’m either way too tired to do anything OR i spend that time w my boyfriend. i’m honestly hoping to post some stuff soon. i just need to figure out my life and manage my time better because i’m also planning on re-doing my room this summer so ya.⠀
what’s new on your end? 🙃 YEEERRRR if you read all the way to the end. you the realest.

New York

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