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Я в Уфе👸🏻Погода шикарная!!!!☀️
Выезжаю на саундчек. 🎤
Но техническим причинам не зависящим от нас, концерт сегодня немного задержится. Жду вас всех сегодня. Огни Уфы💥💥💥

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Kulit putih mulus di hari lebaran, setiap hari aku pakai whitening Body Lotion dari @camp_skin, ini lotion Favorit aku banget, Formula yg sangat concentrated, memutihkan kulit secara permanen, Lotion ini selain membuat kulit putih mulus, juga memberikan dan menjaga kelembaban kulit , di perkaya dengan vit E Dan C serta terbuat dari Bahan super premium Black Tomato & White Strawberry yang di import langsung dari Korea, teruji lebih cepat memutihkan & meratakan warna kulit,aromanya wangi banget & tidak lengket ditangan, yang paling aku suka lotion ini ampuh banget melindungi kulit aku dari sinar ultraviolet dgn kandungan spf 60 loh, Jadi aku ga perlu takut lagi jika beraktifitas di luar ruangan. Lotion ini juga sudah dilengkapi dgn teknologi nano jadi cepat banget meresap kedalam kulit, Rasakan perubahannya dalam 7 hari, kulit putih mulus & super lembut, Langsung aja order di @camp_skin, lagi banyak promo ramdhan super menarik , jangan lupa langsung di order , biar kulit kamu samaan dengan kulit aku

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Flying over Hawaii 🙌🏻 (📷: @myspacetom)

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Jangan lupa nonton
Janji suci jam 18.30, raffi billy jam 19.30 wib

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Standing Out💫⠀
Search: "Good Times Jumpsuit"⠀
We like your style, @bby_cai!⠀
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Perfection prevails.
Throwback to when dance company "Ballett am Rhein" was presenting the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé. It's still eyecatching, isn't it?

#MercedesBenz #Mercedes #Benz #EClass #MasterpieceOfIntelligence

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Guyysss, hari ini terakhir lohh promo @nagitoz.snack di Alfamart, cumaa Rp. 9.900 ajaa kalian udah bisa dapat Nagitoz dan 1 buah minuman 😱 Yukkk langsung deh ke Alfamart!! #nagitozsnack #promonagitoz

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photo by @andrea_frazzetta // A solitary fisherman at Papuma Bay. Papuma is a scenic beach on East Java, Indonesia, is quite popular among the people of Java for the white sands and the big rocks. Besides its natural scenic beauty, Papuma is also rich in exotic animals.
Indonesia is situated on the Ring of Fire—a 25,000-mile seismically active belt of volcanoes and tectonic plate boundaries that frame the Pacific basin. About five million Indonesians live and work near active volcanoes, where farming soil is most fertile. Java alone is home to 141 million people—one of the most densely populated islands on Earth.
“Sulfur Road” my latest assignment for National Geographic is online, check it on NatGeo website and follow @andrea_frazzetta to know more about this story #natgeotravel #ijen #java #indonesia #papuma

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Arrebentamos na Folk Valley em Valinhos SP 😍👊🏼♥️

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🔴 @reissnelson #Arsenal #Gunners

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You know they love me, like a fat kid love cake.come kiss me 😘 baby LOL🤨get the strap

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Obrigado pela noite incrível galera de Lages - SC!!! Amei cantar com vcs! ❤️ @festadopinhaooficial

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#Repost @marisolbautistaa
😱Would you guys like to see more tutorials using this palette? 🤔😍 I’m in love🌹❤️ #hudabeautyrosegoldremastered
Eyes- @hudabeauty rose gold remastered palette. #rosegoldremastered
Lashes- @shophudabeauty Farah.

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Discover wild beauty.
The third generation of the #BMW #3series.

#BMWrepost @boston.media

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I completely adore this!!! I love you @edward_enninful ❤️❤️❤️

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how many of you know the full form of GQ?!(no cheating 😋) @gqindia @gq

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@garethbale11 talks humbly about THAT goal! ⚽️ 💥
Best you've ever seen?

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OMG @zoomtv this is too good! This is my dad showing you the chaat shop I have grown up eating in!! So guys Zoom spent 3 days in Ambala with my parents and literally relived my whole life!! The episode is out today!!! Link in bio also :) https://bit.ly/2INxzEJ @rynachopra

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6 breast hacks you’ll be thankful for. Part Two.
#5minutecrafts #video #hacks #tips #tricks #lifehacks
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Summer summer summer !!!!!

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Sunday ride

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Such a dope piece of artwork given to me by @gnistico_art ....please go to his page and see how he did this. Crazy talented #irresponsibletour #comedicrockstarshit

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This fucked me up for a good 7 minutes. I’m very stressed out. (Twitter: Boom_likean808)

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Happpiiesttt Birthday bhai!! @castingchhabra wish you all the happiness and love!! May this year be yours and may everything u wish for comes true!! Love ya! ❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗

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WOW!!! @kiaraskynails 💅

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