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The last of my yellow photos, but it’s one of my favourites. It’s safe to say that I’ve woken up *a bit* rough this morning. I’m only 20 but my hangovers are just getting worse, don’t tell me it’s all downhill from here?! 💛

Leicester, United Kingdom

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I’m in Berlin this weekend, but my feed is still in Rome. Here’s a shot of the #Colosseum. •

I took this in 2012, after too much time shooting and not being happy with any angles. It’s not an easy place to capture sometimes! I remember being so happy with this shot, but looking at it now, I see flaws and ways I could improve. I find it so interesting how we often don’t notice improvements or growth until we have a marker (like an old photo) or milestone to make us reflect on where we were, where we are, and where we’re going 😊 •

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le scandalous family // Bunch of awesome people whom i had an awesome time with throughout the STA Club Recruitment Camp!! We e cool kids basically, led by e awesome GL ;)

Republic Polytechnic

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After a long month I've decided to take a day off! I am so in love with Monte Argentario...it's a magic place that makes everybody always so happy!
I was so in need of this view 🙏
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Hani çok su verince ölürmüş ya papatyalar, birisini de çok sevince bırakıp gidiyormuş meğer.
Cemal Süreya

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Their eyes were watching God
📸: 6/21/18

Lake, Michigan

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We Went To JW Marriott And Done The Office Works After That Came Down For A Tea😂 Confused Because Now I Should Be A Professional Photographer And Leave My Occupation Haha Got New Tour.Will See I Can Go Before My Birthday

TWG Tea Garden At Marina Bay Sands

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MATCHDAY 🇩🇪⚽️ Bestens vorbereitet mit der individuell gestaltbaren Bierkisten-Kühlmanschette. #beer #wm2018 #cool #matchday #germany #marketing #branding #promotion #customized #design #merchandise #werbeartikel #visualsoflife #diewocheaufinstagram #sympathiewerbeservice

Sympathie-Werbe-Service GmbH

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Thank you for the wonderful party
Happy 92nd Birthday to the feisty Queen 🎂🎂🎂

British High Commissioner's Residence, Eden Hall

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Book me !! Model @zoliefille

Rosemont, Orlando, Florida

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“Woman III” ⭐️ #pentaxk1 #sigmaphotospain ✨Ya disponible en mi web a un 30% de descuento con el código NEWWOMAN3 hasta el 23 de Abril a las 11:59! LINK EN LA BIO✨
Alguna vez he escuchado a la gente decir que mis fotos les inquietan o les dan miedo. Nunca lo había entendido hasta hoy... es la primera vez que me siento tensa y asustada con una de mis imágenes 😔
He pasado unos días con lo que yo llamo un “exceso de energía”. En todos los sentidos... demasiada rabia y demasiada felicidad. Me suele pasar cuando las cosas me van muy bien. Supongo que es por el miedo a que la suerte se tuerza. 😅


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Angel Billabong🧜🏼‍♀️

Angel Billabong

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Libur telah habis, lusa itu senin.
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Cicalengka railway station

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Catalonia’s very own Holy Land: Montserrat.
This place houses the Black Madonna, the patron of Catalonia. This sculpture is said to be sculpted by St. Luke in 50AD and was brought to Spain in his conquest to spread God’s word. This was found in a cave on Top of the mountains of Montserrat on 80AD. The Bishop of Manresa suggested to bring the figure down in Manresa but the figure became extremely heavy when they tried to bring it down. It appears to be that this is a sign for the people to build a fellowship of God in Montserrat. From then on, the pilgrimage to Montserrat began. #BarcAlonea #BondVoyage

Abbey Church of the Our Lady of Montserrat

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