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Wallaman Falls adventures, exploring as much of Queensland as possible before we move to NSW in December 💕🚙

Wallaman Falls

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Who would’ve thought an outback industrial city could steal my heart so fast 💕

Mount Isa, Queensland

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Sight seeing on today’s 10hour drive from Mt Isa to Townsville. Relieved to be home yet so grateful for my holiday before the biggest 6 months of my life (bimaxillary Osteotomy and genioplasty and end of my nursing degree) 👌🏻💕✔️

Richmond, Queensland

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It’s amazing how stunning the outback can really be! Sometimes nature will simply surprise you! 😮🌻 A hidden paradise in the Outback 🌅

Boodjamulla National Park

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The grind doesn’t stop on the weekends! Happy Sunday ✌🏼8 weeks to go @wbff_aust 🤗 @team.asha

Adelaide Fitness and Performance Centre

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The dream is to work for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The first part of the dream is complete - getting to see where the most incredible and extremely close to my heart organisation all began 🙌🏻 Donate to the Royal Flying Doctor service, you never know the day they will be flying into help you! 🛬🚨

John Flynn Place - Royal Flying Doctors

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2018 SILVER SPONSOR for WBFF Australia.
ALL4ME @all4meonline
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Featuring WBFF PRO @krystlemelissa_wbffpro wearing ALL4ME bikinis.
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Just a quick Sunday Power-up cardio class to blast some calories 💦💦💦 Thank you @carolinedavis66 for having me along again and the @synergyfitness.aus team for a smashing class. Can not recommend enough! #sundaysesh #fitlife #preplife #norestdays #synergy #powerup #powertower #tryit #wbff #wbffaustralia #firstcomp #wbffbikini

Power Up

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Bring on the new week. New goals, more progress to make.

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Burleigh Heads Beach

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Dream Big, Sparkle More💎

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Sometimes I wake up feeling like shit. Everything hurts, everything is black and my to do list is so overwhelming I don’t know where it starts or ends. I just want to cry, punch something or just pull the blanket over my face and ignore life just for one day.

I start small, baby steps. A lemon water, a coffee, put my gym gear on and get on with it. The pain is slowly diminishing, my muscles are waking up. The sun is slowly coming through and I can see the light. And it’s beautiful. All of a sudden I feel that tingling feeling of happiness in my belly. I did it again. Another day, a personal best, and I feel proud over myself for pushing through yet again. I feel strong and unstoppable.

It’s not always easy but that’s what makes it worth it. Everyday is not sunshine and rainbows but that’s when your strength will show. The power of turning a bad day around that’s what’s going to make you successful. Push through and it will all be worth it.


Photo: @dallasfitnessphotos
@wbff_aust @wbff_official @allysangels_fitness

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Robbie looking peeled! -
#Repost @robbieframe with @get_repost
#FlashBackFriday to 48 hours out from the WBFF LA PRO/AM doing a photo shoot📸 with the rest of the @wbff_aust Team in downtown LA🌴with @dennismcruz .
Don’t let the smile fool you... At this point in my prep I was feeling depleted and quite exhausted to say the very least😅. However, I was tightening up and feeling confident after checking in with my coach @paolobaja .
Throughout my entire prep I had applied a “Condition is King👑” mentality with my approach to training + nutrition and by foregoing the fear of losing size I was able to bring my best package to date. I remember after my last showing on stage I was told to focus on bringing out the separation in my legs... something that consistently played on my mind in the 18 months that followed and lead to the LA PRO/AM. If you ever receive constructive criticism and feedback make sure that you put in place a long-term plan to resolve those shortcomings and then action it.
I now have 10 weeks to better this level of conditioning in preparation for the first ever @wbff_aust Australian PRO/AM😈 Let the games begin!
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Sometimes, you just need to hit the pause button, breathe in prana, and take it all in.
Happy Sunday ✌🏻 _____________________________________________________________ In other news head over to @staxlivin a little later this morning for BTS of our photo shoot/video for their new range dropping this week!

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Side leg press with alternating foot placings.
When using the leg press, my favourite foot placing is a wide stance with my feet pointed outwards, as it has more emphasis on my adductors and hamstrings.
A shoulder width stance is great for overall leg development and a narrow stance will have more emphasis on your outer quads and abductors. Of course, it's usually in your best interest to alternate between different placings.
Something to remember: The higher the foot placing, the more emphasis you will have on your glutes and hamstrings. The lower the foot placing, the more emphasis you will have on your quads.

Song: DJ Khaled - No Brainer ft Justin Bieber (BEAUZ Remix)

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Work for it 💜🖤💜🖤

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Climbing to new heights with EHPlabs fuelling my sessions 😉

My go to supps while in comp prep are:
Oxyshred, BCAAS, RPMAX, PSI and Acetyl-L-carnitine 👌


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Snacks sorted! —
Last week I found myself struggling to come up with ideas of what to bring to work for snacks throughout the day. This ”bulking” thing is tricky when you refuse to atuff your face with unhealthy things just get your calories in. Enter these pumpkin feta wholemeal muffins from this months @colesmag_team 👌🏻(with a few tweaks 😉)


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Yesterday mornings shape 🙌🏼
It’s not enough just to put your body into it your mind needs to be in it too 💪🏼
I am FULL of self doubt, am I big enough? Lean enough? Why is she stronger than me? Do I look better? Have I done enough? 😅 the trick is learning to ignore them 💪🏼 I can use them to make sure I’m putting in 💯 but then know that they are wrong because being the product of your best efforts is all you ever need to be ❤️
PS @scitec_nutrition_australia keeping me energised and aiding my recovery! All their products I use are available from @fitfreaksupps_14 and discounted with my code EMMA18 plus free shipping 😍 all the wins 💫💫💫
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Fitfreak Supplements Launceston

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It’s snowing here today!! ❄️❄️
Must say I’m REALLY looking forward to that Vegas sun and warmth tomorrow ☀️
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Love it when people support others and are happy for their success in all aspects of life. Whether it be financially, sporting success, career, relationships whatever. #quoteoftheday #instaquotes #sundayfeels #wbffaustralia #wbffaus18 #empirenation

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Birthday shoutout to the man @rick_lowry ! Hope @lmtlsstraining planned some cake 🍰 in there for you!

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