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next: 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇳🇱 ~ leave your recos below plz, much appreciated. all we have is the flight to Paris booked, everything else is up in the air 🙃 (got a few mnths but starting to plan today)


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L A K E P O W E L L ⛵️ Po kilkuset kilometrach trafiliśmy na granicę stanów Arizona i Utah... Słońce, plaża, relaks = Lake Powell ☀️
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Lake Powell

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Such an amazing day, the most beautiful view in the world🌎💕

Whitehaven Beach

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Take me back to misty Iceland with gorgeous views around every corner.

Golden Circle Iceland

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New York, New York

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🌴 📷 ویدیو توسط: تراولو
👍 ما را در شبکه های اجتماعی دنبال کنید و لذت سفر کردن را ببرید [email protected]
به نظر من شادی آورترین لحظه ی زندگی هر کسی در زندگی وقتی است که قدم به سرزمینی ناشناخته می گذارد.
در مقابل چیزی که روحتان را به پرواز در می آورد ترسی نداشته باشید، سفر یکی از آن هاست.
سفر باعث می شود تا به عظمت این دنیا پی ببرید چون می بینید که در چه جای کوچکی زندگی می کنید.
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Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving - A.E. #travelphotography #thattravelblog #livetravelchannel

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Not all those who wander are lost... @serenata_ looking beautiful in Greece 💙


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So many miles away from Singapore on it's 51st Birthday! Never thought I would miss home this much! So grateful to be able to call Singapore my home. With so many thanks for all the great things this country has bestowed upon us! Singapore has become even more beautiful over the years! And will forever remain my home! Happy birthday SINGAPORE! #singaporenationalday

Marina Bay Singapore

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Wandering down the French Riviera...
Who has visited??

French Riviera

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Quality time with the bestie #88days

Willare Bridge Roadhouse

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@Alex_pinilla_photos looking gorgeous in this shot! Love the freedom 🙌🏻🧜🏻‍♀️

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What happens to you when you travel?

It’s a vague question but I’ve narrowed it down to five things. These things have all gradually happened within me as i continue to travel farther and more broadly on my own.

You become a minimalist.

Living out of a backpack makes you realize truly how little you need. It takes the emotional attachment out of tangible things and draws you deeper into the moment. Plus, the more you have the more you have to carry around and that’s fun for no one.

You become an extrovert.

Unless you want to spend the majority of your time talking to no one (and believe me, sometimes this is the case), you become really good at saying hello. You, ugh, join things. You learn how to ask questions and to have a conversation with strangers. And this is how you slowly develop an international community of travel friends.

You become REALLY good at being alone.

Because, well, you are. Eating alone at restaurants becomes not only easier, but fun. Soon you realize that it’s far better for your itinerary, time, and decisions to be entirely your own.

You learn to budget.

This ties into the minimalism thing. But less stuff means fewer expenses. Plus, you’re going to learn how to stretch your dollar to see and experience the maximum number of things.

You become resilient.

It’s not often, but sometimes bad shit will happen to you on the road. You’ll be uncomfortable, lonely, and maybe even a little scared now and then. Maybe you’ll want to quit and go home. But you don’t. And it teaches you to trust yourself, refocus, and ultimately overcome. And that changes your entire perspective on everything going forward.

What happens to you when you travel?
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Izla Hotel

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Gorgeous beach! Who doesn’t love sand in their toes? Tag your beach buddy! Great shot by @romy_ex_bondgirl 🧜🏻‍♀️

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Less Monday, more summer💫💧

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Beautiful shot by @wanderstylust love the contrast in the colours, but as always, my favourite is pink 🌸

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UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT this was. The UNDERWATER DISCO. #throwback to a couple of weeks ago all 37 of us aboard the #casablanca sailing through the islands of #croatia. Dressed up for the theme #silvergoldunderwaterdisco, celebrating Yasmin's birthday! The whole trip was magical. 💕💕💕 #thecroatia37 #croatia37 #party #disco #dressup #fancydress

Island of Vis, Croatia

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Anyone else feel that Greece doesn’t get enough credit? There’s something truly mesmerising about Its simplicity and beauty hidden down every corner...


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Morning world ❤️🌎

Gili Air

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Место моей души

Gdansk, Poland

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Magical. 💕👼🌲🏰

Lastovo island, Croatia

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