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Entenda a importância da segurança de um website 👉👉👉
Já pensou possuir seus dados copiados, ou pior possuir seus dados confidenciais e os dados de seus clientes roubados? 😱
Isso não é nada bom, tanto para seu negócio como para seus clientes.
Por isso, no momento de contratar um serviço de website fique atento ao item de segurança. Website desenvolvidos com Certificado SSL (ambiente seguro criptografado, HTTPS) significa que as informações que trafegam em seu website estão criptografados, ou seja, os dados confidenciais de seus clientes informados as vezes em uma compra pelo website por exemplo, foram transferidos de forma segura.
Quer saber mais detalhes?
Confira no Blog em nosso website 💻www.garbintecnologia.com.br ou entre em contato com a gente.
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Website Launch Planning Sessions ⠀

Are you a spiritual goddess trying to get your head around the whole 'Website' thing?⠀

I bet you're rolling your eyes thinking 'not another plan'. I get you, it seems like we are planning ourselves to death lol.⠀
But a good plan matched with a brilliant strategy and focused action WILL get you where you want to be. Oh, along with a whole lot of heart.⠀
If 2018 is the year for you and you've set a goal to launch your brand sparkling new website then I would love to sit down with you for 60min and help you get clear on:⠀
a) your website's purpose (it has one and not everyone's is the same)⠀
b) content and layout ideas to fit your websites specific purpose⠀
c) What type of Website will suit you at this point and time⠀
d) Set out an implementation plan to get you on track for an easy launch⠀
Here's what one of my clients had to say about her session with me⠀
"I had an amazing insightful session that clarified purpose and direction for my website. Excited about the amazing ideas and concepts shared. Great clarity and so easy to chat with." - Maureen⠀
These sessions are at an introductory price of $87 AUD and will only be running at this price for the month of August and will be going up to $127 as of the 1st of September 2018.⠀
You can book your sessions using the “planing session link” in my linktree.⠀
If you want to find out more about these sessions and if they are what you need right now, or if you just want to feel me out and see if we would be a good fit, comment 'Interested' in the comments and I will pop through a booking link for a FREE clarity call via DM or feel free to DM me.🙏

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We are excited to start showcasing the websites we have created! Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary's website is interactive, sleek and engaging! Go check them out at https://jbtsem.com/⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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