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Chileeeee I literally cannot deal with the CONSISTENT SLAY of @iamrhondapeterson ! Happy Monday everyone! Book your session with me today! (Link in bio)

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I have so much work ahead of me, but hard work got me to where I am today!

Aria Wedding & Banquet Facility by Villa Rosa

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Finished my double-header wedding weekend with this gorgeous couple in the cutest little ceremony with their families standing by. Here is to many many happy years together! Congratulations to you both! #stacyspicturethis #northeastohiophotographer #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #brideandgroom #mrandmrs #daltonohiophotography #littlechapelwedding #newlyweds #nikon #summerwedding

P. Graham Dunn

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Congratulations Bobbie & Nic! The wedding day was nothing less than magical. Wishing you both the best in your next chapter in life 💕 | 💐: Floral chandeliers and decorations by @freshbouquetllc | 📸: @joffoto

Raspberry Plain

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Was def feeling myself at this wedding! #WeddingPhotographer

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Joyce + Kyle’s first dance on Saturday night! 😍📸

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Last week there was a post in a group for photographers that I'm in by a man wanting to share advice for any new photographers within the group. He told them to not waste their time shooting weddings. He said the images aren't valued & if you want to do something of real purpose, to get a gig shooting at the Senate. I (obviously) disagreed.
A few days later, I stood in a room where a bride & groom signed their Ketubah. I listened as the Rabbi talked of the two families with different faiths coming together to celebrate this new union. I watched as the shared officiant roles of the Priest & Rabbi exchanged readings & prayers over the newlyweds. I listened as these gentlemen laughed together & finally as they stood - side by side - as the groom cried watching his bride walk down the aisle.
I'm not photographing events in the Senate. This is a whole lot better. And something our world could use more of. #unity

Cincinnati Music Hall

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Semoga yang like dan komen amin bulan ini bisa cepat mempunyai momongan.,. Amiinn "Sebuah Harapan Mendapatkan Buah Hati"

Tak pernah ada kata lelah buat berjuang menghadirkamu nak.
Cepatlah hadir dirahim bunda.
Jawablah penantian panjang kami Ya Allah. Berikanlah kami keturuanan yang sholeh.
Yang akan menjadi pewaris kami kelak. Percayakan kami untuk menjaga titipanmu, mendidik, merawatnya seperti orang tua lainya yang mendidik anak2nya sampai menjadi orang yang sukses dan berguna. Amin... “Robbana hablana min azqajinaa wa zurriyatina qurrota’ayunin, waj’alna lil muttaqiina imama.” Artinya: “Ya Tuhan kami, anugerakanlah kepada istri-istri kami dan keturunan kami sebagai penyenang hati (kami), dan jadikanlah kami imam bagi orang-orang yang bertakwa.” (QS. Al-Furqan: 74).#regrann

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