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Adventure more 🌴🐒
Appx 3 minutes after this photo was taken I got hissed/swatted at by a savage, crazy-eyed, jungle-dwelling monkey!! Heck
Song: Rain - Blackmill

Treetops Trail

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The, nobody told me Aruba would be so dang windy. So be forewarned, it’s windy. But Aruba still has some mighty fine beaches.


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The right amount of smokiness, topped with a generous amount of crispy baby squid and salmon roe—all in our beloved bowl of Squid Ink Rice. 😋

Kilo Bali

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All your friends, peers and family solemnly tell you you will have to grow up, be an adult and be bored and unfulfilled.

Aoraki / Mount Cook

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•🏜✨🕺🏾• Valley of Monuments •

There’s something more magical about sunsets in the southwest, they feel like they last much longer. I think it’s because of the red earth; It bounces the warm light around long before the sun goes down and continues to dazzle much longer afterwards.
Can’t wait to be exploring the southwest over the next couple of days on my way to Los Angeles. If you’re gonna be in the area, hit me up. I’d love to link up and shoot.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!
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There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope. 🙏🏼

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The ECOPIA EP300 helps you reduce your carbon footprint with ease.

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landed on the moon 🌑 // it only took us 45 minutes in 20 mph winds to get here but it’s so worth it!! and if you’re wondering what happened to this plane, here’s the story:
in 1973 an American Navy DC plane ran out of fuel and crashed on the black beach at Sólheimasandur in the south of Iceland. some say the engine froze but what really matters is that everyone survived. also, @justinbieber shot a music video here which means you need to come early in the morning or late at night to avoid the crowds.

Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

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All the @outsidetv episodes of The Super Frenchie Show are available on my website ➡️ superfrenchie.com/show/ ⬅️ Link available in my bio #superfrenchie #worldwide 📷 @richardhallman_photo

Planet Earth

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The best people always come unexpected. And the best people mostly not come from your best friend or gang who think he/she/they the one


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Lisbon dreaming 💭

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The Terracotta Warriors of Emperor Qinshihuang

Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

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Wandering. Always.
📷: @lostintheforrest

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350’s straight fire 🔥

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Canyon Cove Hotel and Spa

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