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On this gloomy Monday I can’t help but think about the wonderful weekend I had at the @bloggerxchange xpo! I am taking away not only a wealth of knowledge but new friendships! I hope you are buckled up because I am motivated and focused! I have so many ideas that I could barely sleep last night thinking about it and I’m going to act on them! Stay motivated always!!!

Nashville, Tennessee

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Happy Wedding! 15 years in the making! Congrats again! 🎊🎉💍
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Bernardo Heights Country Club

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Throw 🔙 time to @gr8ics @kortrijk_xpo 🙌 next year there is another edition so be there 🔥
Next year maybe not with the seat 🤷‍♂️
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Kortrijk Xpo

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It’s so neat when women with similar goals, passions, talents, and interests come together to not only grow and improve, but also support and uplift one another. That’s exactly what’s going down at the Blogger Xchange Xpo this weekend. So glad I stepped out of my comfort zone because I got to meet these sweet, beautiful ladies who I now call my friends!!💕


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Check out @sacxpo 's rush throughout the next following weeks! 👐 You'll definitely have a great time🎊, meet new faces and will meet life long brothers who will always have your back! 👌 It's been a while since I've crossed🎉, but to this day I am still just as thankful or maybe even more thankful I made the decision to rush XPO. Can't believe all the amazing experiences I've had, the amazing relationships I've gained and the massive amount of support I've received throughout my college career. After having crossed kids, graduated college and moved on in life I still owe it all to the brothers who have been there throughout it all. It's crazy to say I'm growing up in life with people I would have never met if I didn't decide to rush. Can't believe this amazing journey's about to start for ya'll. Feeling officially old for not being part of rush 😂#weinthismofo #csus #rush #xpo #alumni #epsilon #youaintgottalietokickitwithtautribe

Sacramento State

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Tu decides!!
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😂 #weinthismofo @zetaxpo #xpo

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Tahun ini berat utk SBD...harus mulai dari nol tp ttap mmberikan yg trbaik dgn memaksimalkan yg ada...

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