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Shot ON DJI Mavic Pro.

Los Angeles, California

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Through the lens, standing within the exotic nature( flowers ), I saw this mind-boggling massive ancient creation. Dancing flowers enhanced the beauty of the panorama. Watching Qutub Minar through the frames of dancing flowers was astonishing and quite relaxing.
Usually, most people do not see Qutub Minar from here. Such angles are not meant for normal eyes. .
Photograph by @gv1654
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Phoenix, Arizona


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sometimes all you need is some trails around a lake...

New Jersey

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wild & free


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Monday is almost here. Time to go back to the cell

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Hello my friend ✌🏽

North of Great Britain

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What an amazing roadtrip @pat_r1ce and i had on the Lofoten Islands.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

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A piece of my childhood/The Bus

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Yesterday afternoon I went to Lake Idro, but when I got there,starting from almost 32 degrees, it started to rain. After almost 1 hour, the rain stopped, the sky started to clear and on this sky from one mountain to another, this splendid Rainbow is formed.It was so close and accentuated, it was lucky for me, it was so beautiful that I could not take my eyes off the sky
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The more time I travel, the less I realize I need. Community, connection, culture, presence...oh and my mountain bike and cameras :). I can't comprehend why so many of us in the west or 'modern' world  exhaust our resources at an alarming rate and often suffer from insatiable appetites to collect and consume.  The traditional American Dream, in my humble opinion is a cancer to our planet. We cannot keep on like this. We would need 6 more earth's to adequately provide if everyone was to live like we do in the states.  We have so much to learn from those who live one with the land and each other.  Honestly, I get a bit frustrated with our overall lifestyle in the ‘west.’ In the Andes, Ayllu (community) and Ayni (reciprocity) are fundamental to existence. There is no me, me me...the power resides in we.  Duality and a harmonious balance between masculine and feminine energy is necessary for survival and prosperity. You look after the person next to you first.  You acknowledge that we need nature more than it needs us.  It's simple really.  When we go to the grave, it's our experiences and connections with ourselves, each other and the earth that will be our indelible footprint and legacy that carries on.
Photography has been a wonderful tool for me to contemplate these things.  My camera is my heart. It beats with my soul and is set afire in these quiet moments in the mountains to have this sort of introspection.  Sunset over Santa Cruz and Laguna Cullicocha in the Cordillera Blanca. Cheers to you Peru for always opening up your beautiful soul to me and making me feel right at home and infinitely teaching me about life.


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