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Fresh strawberries made better because 1. They aren’t in plastic and 2. They were bought from @localrootsfarmnj

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I’ve been trying more and more to make an effort to use less plastic and single use items which is why I finally switched from using zip log bags to reusable silicone bags ♻️They’re great for snacks on the go or to just store cut up fruit or veggies in the fridge or freezer! And afterwards you rinse them out and use them again! How simple and easy is that? And it’s eco-friendly! What’s your fav zero waste essential right now?? Let me know! Happy Saturday everyone! #notsponsored #zerowaste

Delray Beach, Florida

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The 2 things to stress this week about makeup removal are: 1. Minimize waste and 2. Minimize ingredients.
#1 is pretty easy. Switch out disposable makeup remover pads/wipes by finding a reusable option such as cotton or bamboo fiber reusable pads. These will double as great options for other times you need a disposable pad/wipe in the bathroom. When dirty, throw 'em in the wash and air dry. If you’re in the market for something more unique with personality, there are crocheted versions that you can purchase or make on your own! 🌸 (Thanks @karniecoops for the crocheted idea! 🤗)
For #2, minimizing ingredients will allow you to be more selective of what you’re putting on the face + in general what you’re supporting. A great option to be kind to your face + the environment is to switch to oil cleansing.
Oil-cleansing steps
1. Rinse face with warn water + pat dry 💦
2. Use a nickel/quarter sized amount of oil into your palm or a reusable pad/wipe and apply to face 💧
3. Massage it in ✨
4. Press a nice warm washcloth onto your face and wipe it off, or hop in the shower! 🧖‍♀️
It seems counterintuitive because we’re constantly told to go oil-free to have clear skin, but many people find that oil washing/cleansing is actually better on their skin than traditional store-bough cleansers! Using oil will remove most mascara, eyeliner, foundation, etc, and it’ll naturally dissolve dirty oils without having to use harsh chemicals. 😎 Sonnet on @mindbodygreen has a great article from 2013 that’s still applicable today, and her rec is to use a combo of castor oil + another oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the article, but can be subbed). She recommends for normal skin a 1:1 ratio of castor to EVOO, oily skin 3:1 ratio of castor to EVOO, and dry skin 1:3 ratio of castor oil to EVOO. Some people also just use straight EVOO, unrefined/organic coconut oil, or almond oil! Basically for this one your options are open, so experiment and figure out which oil is best for your skin! Also if your skin loves ‘em all, consider making the choice based on price, what you can buy in bulk, what’s local etc. 💪
Do you do oil cleansing? Please share any tips! 🙏 #sustainyourshit

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Yesterday's farmers market haul ✨ This vibrant bunch of fruit and veg is about to become today taco feast! #eatfresh #eatfreshfood #farmersmarket #fruit #veg #fruitandveg #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #glass #noplastic #plasticfree #foodhaul #youarewhatyoueat

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I bought this shirt from "VeganVeins" Etsy store! I reccomend her as she and her bf create vegan appeal and are wonderful people 💖.

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Hoy fue un día diferente. Hoy tuvimos la oportunidad de participar en una limpieza en Playa Guacalillo al lado de la gente de @algoporlatierra
Lo primero, qué bien que haya gente como ellos, que no se quedan en palabras y que se van directo a la acción, incentivando y moviendo a todo el que los quiera acompañar (pero que estoy seguro que si nadie los acompañara, igual estarían ahí) a hacer algo en contra de la masiva indiferencia de muchos con el medio ambiente.

Segundo, qué bueno ver gente que realmente se apunta a dar su granito para, no sólo colaborar, si no crear un cambio a su alrededor.

Tercero, vivimos una batalla que pareciera estamos perdiendo. Por ahí me traje estos dos recuerdos (un soldado y un dinosaurio) que parecieran ejemplificar lo que pienso del tema. Al ver tanta basura, que en su mayoría proviene de zonas realmente alejadas de su destino final, y al ver la cantidad de cosas tan innecesarias pero apegadas a la cultura y cotidianeidad del ser humano, convertidas en simple basura sin utilidad alguna, pareciera que luchamos y luchamos como ese soldadito, pero nuestra extinción será inevitable. Hay que hacer cambios, pero CAMBIOS reales. Política, educación, medio ambiente, recursos. Grandes esfuerzos deberían estar haciéndose. Sé que muchos van cambiando su mentalidad, pero pareciera ser insuficiente hasta que TODOS cambien. Revertir lo hecho hasta ahora llevará más trabajo que el imaginado. Difícil pero no imposible!

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Rethink single use straws. Choose reusable metal straws instead. @seastainable.co pledges 50% of all profit to marine conservation in Singapore & Philippines.

Thanks to @cynthiamber for introducing this to us.


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✨7 sleeps before Plastic Free July begins! To give you a headstart, I'm bringing you this mini series of tips to warm you up and help get you prepped before we hit 1st July!🚯💚
Tip 3: Carry a Reusable Water Bottle. Generally, we end up purchasing and using single-use plastic items when we’re caught out, or unprepared. Having a reusable water bottle stops us from buying water when we’re on the go. Plastic water bottles are another of the top 10 items found in beach clean-ups.

If a full bottle of water seems a little heavy to be carrying around all day, and you’re somewhere with good access to clean water, only fill it ¼ full. Top up from a public water fountain or friendly café when you need a drink.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with clean drinking water coming out of the tap 🚰, make the most of it. Prefer your water filtered? Consider getting a filter attached to your tap. Alternatively, invest in a water bottle with a built-in filter or pop a charcoal binchotan stick into your regular water bottle. •
If water’s not your drink of choice, fill your bottle up with whatever is your drink of choice.

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Small haul from the @gilbertmarket today. I loved taking my mom out, then finishing up at @libertymarket - but we're all happy to be out of the heat!
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Gilbert Farmer's Market

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This is a jellyfish, right? Wrong. It’s one of the millions of balloons released in the sky that have landed in the ocean. Millions of species have accidentally consumed it, believing it is a jellyfish. Be smart and be responsible with your balloon usage #balloon #balloons #savetheenvironment #trash #algore #leonardodicaprio #ecofriendly #zerowasteliving #zerowaste #nowaste #extinction #besmart #sydneyblogger #blog #blogger @our.planet.our.home

Gosford, New South Wales

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Can we talk about my pawn shop find today?

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🔆Did a little bit of thirsting while I was in the city this morning and scored this super cool zero waste carrier! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🔆I’m still so jazzed!! I’ve been on the lookout for one of these for what seems like forever. It looks like God just wanted to bless me with it today! Would you believe I only paid 25 cents for it!? I’m still in disbelief. Did I mention it’s multifunctional? It’s able to store stuff in the top and bottom section!
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A bamboo and natural fiber kitchen brush. When it's time to replace your plastic kitchen scrub, consider this #ecofriendly alternative. This fall greenUP box will be curating one of its monthly boxes to create a well-designed life without plastic in the kitchen. Our goal is to make it easy to make one change, once a month, to build habits that last. On a fun note, this mid-century modern dish was found at SecondHand Rose in Bozeman, Montana. Buying second-hand is a great way to reduce our consumption of resources.
>>> Any favorite #secondhand #thrifting places? Tag your favorite treasure hunting partner and place. Show everyone how great it can be.
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What's in your bag?
Did you know that you don't HAVE to use the plastic produce bags offered at the grocery store?
By reusing the ones you have at home or by using cloth bags like this one, you help minimize the impact plastic has on our planet. Everytime you do this, you help leave a cleaner earth for future generations 🌍

San Martin, California

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Collected a few rocks at the beach today to make a soap holder (the base is from goodwill). Now holds soap from @thegrovesoapco 😍
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Sarnia, Ontario

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We epitomized the greatness of Summer + went on a little picnic in the park - a fully zero waste picnic! This was such a simple outing, as we packed up all the food ourselves and drove down to the park just a few miles from our house. Aside from it being such a tender time together holding hands + grubbing on some good food, we got to check out some new trails and admire the certified butterfly flower garden! Guys, marriage is the best. Little adventures are the best. Summer is the best!
We’ll be posting about the details of how we did it all zero waste! 🌾

Riverside Park Sprayground

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Carry reusable cutlery on you is such an easy way to avoid waste, create your own with what you have at home or check out some of the travel cutlery packs in the stores near you or online.
Repost @notsotrashy.linda
Single-use plastic straws and utensils totally suck cause they’re toxic☠️ and environmentally disruptive but paper/wood waste (disposable chopsticks) are still no bueno. I try my best to keep some reusable cutlery wrapped in a cotton napkin handy to avoid using the disposable versions of these things. #sustainability #environment #plasticfree #plasticfreejuly #beatplasticpollution #ecofriendly #bethechange #greensuperheroes #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #ecofriendlyliving #zerowastehome #sustainableliving #goinggreen #goingzerowaste #lifewithoutplastic #reducereuserecycle #zerowastelife #lowimpact #lowimpactmovement #zerowastetips #ecofriendlyproducts #plasticfree #bulkiseverywhere #bulkisbeautiful #ourplanetourhome #nontoxicliving #lowaste #sustainable #sustainablehome

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I’ve got enough rice to last me ....... a week? But in all seriousness, buying in bulk reduces the amount of waste I contribute to the landfill which makes me happy! 🌏😊
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Natural/zero waste shampoo has always felt like the last frontier in my natural beauty arsenal. “No Poo” wasn’t happening for me, shampoo bars seemed to strip my hair of moisture or had yucky SLS in them, more effective natural products were put in plastic bottles with plastic coverings and had limited recyclability.
Enter: @plaineproducts. This shampoo is awesome. It works, first and foremorst. My hair feels great. The ingredients are natural, nourishing, safe for sensitive skin (kids too!), gentle for the environment, vegan, biodegradable...But it ALSO comes in these amazing aluminum containers that you can SEND BACK to get refilled. I LOVE that this company is combating single use plastics. So important.
@plaineproducts also carries conditoner, body wash and body lotion that I’m getting ready to order! I’ve loved minimizing my product usage and really taking care in what goes ON along with IN my body.
Check out the link in my bio to give these products a try. I think you’ll be impressed, too!

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That zero waste aesthetic at the restaurant 🤙
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Get the beet, raspberry, date smoothie recipe at @groenemonster and, as always, drink plastic free 💕 The Plastics BAN List found that straws and stirrers made up 7.5% of this country's beach trash. 😥 Stay tuned for more about the BAN List!
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My most recent haul from @thefullpantry
I bought oats, nutritional yeast, rice malt syrup, red kidney beans, dates, pretzels, buckwheat spirals and granola 😋

What are your kitchen staples that you buy from the bulk food store?

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Zero waste lunch at the beach. What are your favorite package-free picnic items? No surprise that my three year old is reaching for a cookie first. The large, silicone muffin cup worked really well to separate the chickpeas from the cookies, but it wasn’t tall enough to keep them in, so they did spill out when the pail tipped in our bag on the way home. #popcorn #carrotsandhummus #roastedchickpeas #glutenfree #vegan #chocolatechipcookies #picnic #zerowaste #lunch #snacks #momlife #dayatthebeach #pnw #seattlefamily #pugetsound #tiffin #reusables #zerowastesnack #zerowasteliving #consciousliving #sustainability #saveouroceans #ecofriendly #environment #lowimpactmovement #circulareconomy #mealprep #toddlerfood #planahead

Des Moines Beach

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