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E ainda no clima do #diadoabraço e aproveitando para falar da união feminina!
Mulheres são fortes por natureza, quando unidas se tornam ainda mais poderosas. Nossa força está em nossa união, por isso, não vamos nunca deixar que nos induzam a nos mantermos afastadas. Juntas podemos enfrentar o mundo, né @massafera? 👊🏻 Marque aqui uma amiga GIRL POWER!

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Look who's back at OTAs: @dalvincook! (via @vikings)

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This man was wrongfully convicted in 1991 was sentenced to life plus 72 years not only did he reverse his conviction but all the cops involved in the case were sent to prison,the judge was sent to prison the district attorney on the case went on the run in an attempt of his arrest he killed himself not to go to prison.This is a wet dream to most of us but this is this mans reality ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you ISAAC WRIGHT JR!! He’s an attorney after that nightmare and he now has an Instagram and an upcoming TV series (ConLaw)G-unit film and Television.🤨get the strap

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🦂PON YOUR HEAD TOP ! Soon reach pon your head

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Muito feliz em contar pra vocês que agora eu tenho a minha coleção da @grendenekids 💙 tô usando essa sandália azul, mas também tem mais cores! Não vejo a hora de poder mostrar todos os modelos pra vocês hahaha
Vou avisar assim que estiver disponível nas lojas 💙 💙

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So satisfying 🤤🙌🏽 @mustafaavci

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Paris you and me go hand in hand. I couldn’t even cope with how loud you were! I wore Red for a reason! Thank you @elleryland for my Custom look tonight and @kyledevolle for being the best!

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Can’t get tickets to see the Rockets but you can definitely get tickets to see the stars : #linkinbio

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3️⃣ more sleeps 🍿🤩
📸 @433 ✖️ @de.sporter

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Family over everything! We woke up at the amazing @canavesoia, this place is a dream 😍

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Great rehearsal! Ready for tonight! #RICKYALLIN @parktheaterlv and the entire run until June 3rd

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Home has always been where our family is...It hasn’t mattered whether we’re lounging on a couch in Chicago’s Hyde Park or, as we are here, in the White House. We did our best to make the White House a comfortable place where our girls could climb trees and host slumber parties, where we’d have dinner together as a family, and where we tried to live by the values our parents instilled in us.

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Eu tenho uma alma muito prolixa
E uso poucas palavras.
Sou irritável e firo facilmente
Também sou muita calma
E perdoo logo
Não esqueço nunca,
Mas há poucas coisas
De que eu me lembre...
(Clarice Lispector)

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All shadows in the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eye Shadow Palette feature a soft, velvety texture with full-coverage payoff. Get yours at @sephoramy and @sephoraidn! #tfchocolate #toofaced

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Setting the tone for summer. #XOVictoria

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Que saudade que eu to meu amor ❤️ @rafaavitti e que vontade que eu tava de pegar uma tesoura e sutilmente cortar essa franja ❤️

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Solo 2 días para mi nuevo álbum VIBRAS !! Just 2 days for my new album VIBRAS !!!! #vibras mayo 25/ may 25

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@thenikkibella will be fearless when she competes on @ninjawarrior tomorrow night for #RedNoseDay!

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@kirk.cousins with his new squad! 🙌
📷: Jim Mone/AP

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Produção completa de hoje pelos meus amores do @1838jardimamerica 💖 Hair @jobosco / Make @jimmypaladino / Nails @saraivaeli

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managed to take two pics before i got attacked hehe :)))

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When you're the only single person in school 😔 w/ @nickynunez @frankarocha @nanavivas13 @jcastrothe3rd @annataman96 @luisitojara97 @emdoubleyew @chiarasetti @isabellaserralles @blakejt #TBT

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This is little Shohida (8 months old), who stole my heart with her infectious smile. It’s a poignant reminder of the dichotomy of she was getting all the help she needed, when just a few months before, her mother, Alada (who was only 19 years old at the time) walked for 15 days, while 6 months pregnant with her ,to get across the border. It shows us that there is hope left in this world.
When you’re dealing with a mass exodus of thousands of people, who have been displaced from their homes and are desperate for refuge, the need for proper health and nutrition takes center stage...especially for women and children.
On the various Unicef Field Visits I have taken, I am always surprised by the simple yet effective solutions that @unicef and their partners develop to deal with the most dire and pressing situations and issues. This is something I experienced again today during my visit to the Nutrition Centre at the Jamtoli camp in Cox’s Bazar. More than 60,000 babies have been born in the camps over the past 8 months, so this center is an essential resource for new mothers to learn about proper feeding and nutrition.
It all begins with the MUAC, a process where the child’s middle upper arm is measured to ascertain their nutrition level. From there, aids create a program for the child and a nutrient rich, ready-to-eat peanut paste is portioned out for each child based on the severity of malnutrition. At the Center mother’s are also taught basic hygiene and good health practices when they are in their homes.
The world needs to care. We need to care. Please lend your support at #childrenuprooted @unicef @unicefbangladesh

3,854   264,155 amooooo @gominho !!!! 😂 ele esta no #PERGUNTADOSAMIGOS dessa semana no CANAL @gioh_oficial 💗💗💗 oq vcs acham q eu respondi??? Além dele tem perguntas de outros amigos como @iza @rennersouza @negblack @micarocha e @davidbrazil VEM VER!!! YOUTUBE.COM/GIOH_OFICIAL 💗😂 LINK NA BIO ⬆️⬆️⬆️ #gioh #giohnoyoutube #love

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🍑🌱 by the poolside. #TeavanaLife #PeachGreenTea Regram: @catchmeifukenze

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@MarkWahlberg is bringing Captain Kangaroo back. I think this was my audition.

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Words by Twitter/Nomoreus

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On my way to Miami 🏖 🤗
Crystal bracelet from @8mansions,
the Love Me Bracelet has as its properties: unconditional love and draws off negative energy replacing with loving vibes 💕

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#Entertainer [link in bio] 🍸

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