The everlasting beauty of the G. ⭐ Photo via @mbnortholmsted. .
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Met this feller at the Trump Gas Station today 🤘🏼 so I figured I’d post this picture we snapped 🇺🇸⛪️

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C'est férié ! Quel BONHEUR 😍☀️ On veut voir des palmiers en commentaire pour tous ceux qui comme nous vont chiller sur la plage today 🌴🙊 Mais hors de question de nous séparer de nos indispensables du moment : @sephoracollection @freshbeauty @fentybeauty @katvondbeauty @urbandecaycosmetics @toofaced @originsfrance @benefitfrance 😎
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All-new episode of Knuckle Busters launching at noon tomorrow! Our M3 project car gets fresh kicks, and some other go fast bits with @dangerdan3 on the wrenches. Any guesses on what wheel we’re going to run? #knucklebusters @edelbrockusa

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Kelar idup lu :D
📷: @komiknanda via @komikin_ajah

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Happy birthday momma. I love you so so much. We are blessed to have you my sweet lady. To the moon and back momma. We love you @audreycormierbenoit

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She’s so perfect! 😍💋 @lailaloves

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Hoy celebramos “La noche que nadie duerme” la tradición más hermosa y que más orgullo me hace sentir de mi tierra Huamantla. Quise homenajear a todos los artesanos con estas alfombras de flores y aserrín pintado dentro del vídeo de #RegrésameMiCorazón para que el mundo vea aunque sea un poquito de toda la magia que se crea con Fe esta noche, con siete kilómetros de tapetes en las calles, para honrar a Nuestra Señora de la Caridad. Arte efímero hecho con amor.

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Con nuestro amigo Rubén @instacvba a minutos de comenzar el show
#arequipa #peru

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Rollin' out 30 shades of our shape tape contour concealer like.... ⛸🤣 Come roll with us & head to our IG stories to get a look behind the scenes at our 70's themed roller skating party at @officialmoonlightrollerway! 👩‍🎤 #crueltyfree #shapetapenation #matchmakermagic #doubledutybeauty

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I got the opportunity to witness a cleft surgery today performed by @smiletrain partners in Mexico City. Visit to get involved and help change a child’s life. #BeASmileMaker #smiletrain #mexico

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😂😂🌊🌊. Two for the price of one. Young fan from #holland came up to me today and wanted a #pic with the @mfsoftboards ... I kid you not he was all about @mfanno not me. 😂😂😂he recognized the #softie. Thanks Mick for the @mfsoftboards quiver and stealing my thunder. Love ya mate. 6'6 beastie. Up -ed my wave count sooo much. Love it. Cheers legend. 😂❤️😂😂🍺🌊🌊🖕@coura_sasha 📸

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By @mararomrraro

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전주만 들어도 가슴 뛰는 그 이름, H.O.T.가 17년만에 단독 콘서트를 엽니다. 지난 2월 무한도전-토토가를 통해 콘서트를 열었던 H.O.T.는 팬들로부터 끊임없는 요청을 받아왔는데요. 드디어 멤버 다섯 명이 마음을 모아 대규모의 콘서트를 열기로 했답니다. 멤버들이 SNS에 업로드 했던 지난 토토가의 하이라이트 장면들을 보면서 티켓팅 날짜를 기다려 봅시다. 다시 90년대로 돌아가 소리지를 준비 되셨나요? @wkorea #editor_bm
H.O.T. will have a concert in 17 years.

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💜 @sandijarquin your patience and skill during the tutorial 🙌🏻 loved this step by step using the N💜RVINA 🎨 Palette #abhxnorvina & NYX Vivid Brights liner

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Still Having Baby Fever?!?!! .
Cute Baby 👶🏽 Though 🤷🏾‍♀️
#PassTheCondoms #Please
#OhHellToTheNo #WTF
#ShitHappens #ThrowTheWholeParentAway
#SomebodyHelp #ChangethePamper
#PutDownThePhone #BirthControl #StopRecording

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Nails :@yagala

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#Repost (@get_repost)
Jangan lupa @nellakharisma akan hadir sbg bintang tamu pada 15 Agustus 2018 pukul 20.30 di acara Bintang Pantura 5 @indosiar
@nellalovers_id yang merapat studio indosiar sampai ketemu yaaa kawan kawan 💋💋

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@Tatianaroseart give us more 💋

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ANNOUNCEMENT – Tutti Frutti collection will be available TONIGHT at 10pm PST on @ultabeauty and sites! And now live on IGTV 🎥 We took some of our beauty besties to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate the launch of #toofacedtutti and captured every juicy moment 🍓 Special thanks to the fabulous @jerrodblandino and face of Tutti Frutti, @kandeejohnson, for hosting these mega babes! 🍍🍍🍍Head to IGTV to see the full recap and get ready for the launch of Tutti Frutti! #toofaced

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Now, that's seriously intense.
🏃: @chutingho
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my lil baby boy

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A section of a highway bridge in northern Italy collapsed Tuesday, killing at least 22 people and injuring several others, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said. The cause of the collapse wasn’t clear, though police said violent storms may have been partly to blame. The Morandi Bridge is part of a major thoroughfare linking central Genoa with the airport and towns along the coast. (📸: Federico Scoppa/AFP/Getty Images, Paolo Rattini/Getty Images)

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Con la increíble y única @vrocastroficial ! Estamos felices de volver a verte en pantalla 🤗❤️ @lacasadelasflorestv gracias por esta serie y por ha ver nos re ir tan to ,qué bar ba ros @manolocaro @cecilia_suarez 😂😂😄👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Kau suka makanan di sini?
Makanan di sini memang enak. Mulai dari warung Padang, opor, gudeg, soto betawi, gulai, wah aku tak sanggup sebut semuanya.
Itu semua karena aku.
Aku dulu diperebutkan bangsa lain.
Namaku rempah-rempah.
Dan aku tinggal di Indonesia.
Kalau kau sekolah, kau pasti belajar tentang Belanda yang menjajah negriku karena rempah rempah.
Nah, kau sekolah tidak?
Setiap anak, berhak mendapat pendidikan tanpa pengecualian. Sekolah bukan hanya belajar tentang berhitung, anak anak juga akan belajar tentang negeri ini.
#nusascarf akan membantu mereka yang putus sekolah.
16 Agustus 2018 jam 10 pagi

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We skipped the whole “float like a butterfly” part. #AudiTTS

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Repost @jilldonbeauty: New favourite lippie from Urban Decay — LOFI Lip Mousse. Super smooth application that dries down to a soft powder-like finish 👄 💜 #UrbanDecay #Repost #Makeup #Beauty

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See what happened next on my PREMIUM SNAPCHAT!!! Go watch my insta story to see!!! 😘🙌🏽

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Marque seu amigo ou amiga que é mais difícil que nota de 1 Real

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