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aat dunia mengecewakanmu, sebenarnya itu adalah cara Allah menyadarkan, bahwa bukan disini tempat kita tinggal, bukan disini jika ingin kebahagiaan yang kekal . .

Tapi di Surga, dan untuk menuju kesana, banyak hal yang harus kita lakukan. Butuh bekal amal pahala bukan harta ataupun bentuk ketenaran di dunia.

Karena belum tentu yang terkenal di dunia tercatat di deretan nama Penghuni Surga. Tapi yang terkenal di langit sana, maka namanya sudah di rindukan oleh surga meski raganya masih berpijak di bumi.

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Should I add this little guy to the family

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ضيفو من الايكات والكومنتات

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Showcasing: @suedidthat 😍😍

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Photo by @pedromcbride // Nothing like a night under the stars. A long exposure captures the sweep of stars in the Altiplano of the Argentine Andes. To see more wild places, follow @pedromcbride #stars #nature #camping #travel #gratitude #petemcbride

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missed u bro 😊🤘🏼

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Buenas tardes!

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Ghafla tukaona Alien akikatiza Golden Tulip 🤣🤣🤣🤣... @MxCarter @MwanaFA @HermyB1 @ArthurSamTz @sallam_sk @bdozen @peterkilinda @petermoe @dadditino @speshoz @therealfidq

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If your not following the babe @maddy you’re missing out😈 @maddy @maddy 😘

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This weekend is definitely starting out with this Plum Galette by @lastingredient. Anybody have a galette in their very near future?
👉Get the #recipe & 50+ more Peaches, Nectarines, Plums & Apricots recipes from (Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums edited by @vibrantandpure) or if you ever want the recipe of a pic we've posted on this account go to (Link in Profile)
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#galette #plums #plumgalette #plumdesserts #dessert #rustic

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We were at Sony Music’s headquarter yesterday, and it was amazing! What have you done today?

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Dia maravilhoso aqui no @hopihari
Obrigada pelo convite @josedaviddihopihari ❤️
Vim pra tomar susto na #HoraDoHorror mas no final das contas eu me diverti horrores kkkk
Obrigada 🙏🏻 pelo dia incrível! AMEI!!

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Camisa Daiana R$139,90 | Calça baddy Destroyed Farm #adorofarm
Compras pelo site:
Whatsapp Site:
📲(45)99953-3696 - Thalyta
📲(45)99820-6662 - Jessica .
Ou em nossas lojas físicas de Santa Terezinha de Itaipu e Medianeira - PR
Calçado: @fabianepontocerto

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Got You Covered🌊
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Ya aterrizamos 🇺🇸 gracias a #Dios comienza la verdadera #pelicula 🎥📺 #Usatours2k18 @chicomambo01 vamo a romper tarima como lo sabemos hacer @plalasustancia @jeisonelmono @ultramegamusic 💰💰💰💰🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙌🏿🙌🏿❤️

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Weekend plan: celebrate in style wearing Janesa dress from the #PronoviasCocktail2019 Preview Collection! See more: link in bio.

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What’s your favourite beach in Southern California?! @prettylittlething

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Help save wildlife with our Lash Renegade Mascara in Avenging Amethyst! Comment below with 🐰💞 if you've mailed in your used mascara wands to help support @appalachianwild. If you haven't, it is not too late! Copy the link here: to learn more. #wetnwildbeauty #crueltyfree #makeup #beauty

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3️⃣ days til #VMAs Monday night...”I’m Glad” was directed by David LaChapelle. I’d always wanted to work with him... so I reached out and said I had this new song and I wanted it to be a dance video...after he heard it he said we should do “Flashdance”... I said “ like inspired by the movie?” He says “No, exactly like the movie!” LOL! “Oohh...ok”, I said...SO WE DID IT!...We had so much fun recreating the scenes and the styles and putting it to my music!! I was SO into it in one setup, I was just doing the MOST, dancing so hard that I threw out my neck!! We had to stop production and come back 10 days later to finish it!!! Oh well, all’s well that ends’s a lil taste. #strollingdownvideomemorylane #MTV #videovanguard #oncloud9 #humbled #grateful

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Literally my mood today. One of those days lol -positive mindset can clear a bad day. 💕💕💕 Glasses: @blackflyseyewear @flygirlseyewear 📸: @jj_velasquez_photo
#moodygrams #styleblogger #faahionista #fashionkilla #streetwear #streetwearfashion #jessicaweaver

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The Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 owns the night!
#AMGAddict 📷: Danny Salloum

#MercedesAMG #AMG #A45 #DrivingPerformance #Power #Passion #Mercedes #AMG🔥 #Luxury #CarsofInstagram #InstaCar #Lifestyle

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Continuing our TOP 60 SWATS countdown with 20-11! #NBABlockWeek

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عشان خاطر التسوق كل شي اصير اقدر اسويه😂 لو كانت اكياس سوبرماركت كنت مابقدر اشيلهم كثير🙃

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Estou muito animado em anunciar minha colaboração com a @logicmobility . Estes produtos estão agora disponíveis para compra em

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God Has Truly Blessed me!#BENDECIDA @yaime_g

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we all need that friend who gasses you up ⛽️ @wolfiecindy in the @forloveandlemons ashland lace up dress

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İnanın 💪🏻

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Roll on Matchweek 2...
• • •

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