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Aaliyah Dana Haughton @babygirl_official79Aaliyah Dana Haughton

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I had long since forgotten we had this picture but I NEVER FORGOT THE MEMORIES OF YOU AND YOUR CHAIR. I'm so happy I found this! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY GRANDDAD! I love you so much. It's been great to feel you and have you near like I do with Grammie. No matter the cycles, you both, like the Moon, guide me through my darkest nights and give me such sustenance and warmth like the Sun. Like the baby haha. #christopherrobertalijahbrownjr💟💌☀ Seeing him in your arms sometime ago brought tears to me eyes. I KNOW our Family is alright. I love you forever! #ErnestHankerson 💟☀💠 @vharrisssss @nikkanacoldest @radmax6 @jomohankerson #aaliyahdanahaughton #jomohankerson #rashadhaughton #unclebarryhaughton

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