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Usually when we lack motivation, we're probably associating the action we are thinking about with pain, rather than pleasure. So many people talk about hating to exercise. I actually used to think that when trying to go to a gym. But then I found CG where we exercise outside and I actually plan my week around my exercise schedule. That’s how much I absolutely love working out. Whenever I do have one of those mornings where I think hey I could just sleep in and stay comfy in my bed I remind myself that by exercising I will feel better about myself, I will lose weight, clear my mind, relieve stress and I will live longer. This has me going 54321 and jumping up. Always makes me happy!!!!!
BUT sometimes you need to take a break. So from time to time I will take a day off from working out. My body gets a break and after a day or two, I begin to miss my workout, and am very ready to start back. LIKE NOW!!!!!

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