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⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅⚽️🥅 REMINDER
Mum and Dads don't forget School holidays have started.. South West Wanderers fc Holiday Clinics is a great way to experience how to play Football the fun way
We provide a fun and skill full environment for our elite football stars , while growing their passion and love for the game
Our skill training,together with our fun and happy environment makes our school holiday clinic the place to be
6 Benefits To Your Child

Improving Soccer Techniques
Developing Soccer Skills
Increasing Player Confidence
Accurate Passing
Dribbling At Speed
Goal Scoring Techniques

Date : 17th, 18th & 19th -
Time 9am to 11am

Where: Phillips Park, Hill Road, Lurnea
Don't forget to register by text or call 0432378400 to confirm your child's position#soccerskills #liverpool #football #coaching #holidaycamps #fun#lurnea #lurneapublicschool

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