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Prayer is the place of refuge for every worry, a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of a constant happiness, a protection against sadness. - St. John. Chrysostom
Photo papa dading @gadiiing @gadiiingmoto

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#TSRSickPick Yasss @AngelBrinks is out here lookin’ snatched!

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date night 👹💋🌹🍒🍷🚨☎️

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Mirror diaries. // @pixielevinson

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Happiest Birthday to the ONE and ONLY @luizmattos1906 🖤 I truly feel like I have been blessed with the world’s greatest, smartest, most compassionate and hard-working manager and friend. @imgmodels and I are lucky to have you. Can’t thank you enough for everything you do for me on a daily basis and for my career & life as a whole; couldn’t do it without you. Love you more than you know, and wish you the best year yet ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🦋

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He caught this with his FEET 😳 #SCtop10

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If we had those shoes, we’d stare at them too. We love this picture of @lizakoshy before yesterday’s #MTVAwards.

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Ada yang suka gigit dan makan es batu?
📷 @rahasiagadis

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@mayayoshida22’s Japan beat @daosanchez13’s Colombia 2-1 in Group H’s opening game
#worldcup #PL

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Ferragni sisters @fraferragni @valentinaferragni

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Full holiday @raphaelmoeis sama onti T nya @kartikadewi20

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Morning beach walk. #dali #allegra #beach

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Separating children from their families is INHUMANE and CRUEL. Right now at the moment you’re reading this, there are thousands of children living in converted box stores and tent cities at the border. Children being kept in cages. these children were ripped away from their parents arms, some without even getting to say goodbye. Government- sanctioned child abuse is what this is. We cannot sit in silence and watch this happen, we’ve seen what has happened before and this is unnervingly reminiscent...... we have to speak up and be on the right side of history. What’s happening with these kids is not a political issue-it’s a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE.

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Poolside picture-perfect! #HM #regram @vernenciso

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Kenapa?😨 kamu Liat apaa ??? 😱 @aruanmarsha


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Super easy summer hairstyles.
#5minutecrafts #video #hairstyle #hairstyles #ideas
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The Authority of Everyday Objects.
See all of the #PradaSS19 Menswear show via link in bio.

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WOOOW @mua_ashley_ 👄💚

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Lo que nos apasiona, nos une. La pasión por el fútbol traspasa fronteras. Los derechos de los niños migrantes y refugiados también deberían hacerlo. 
The love of football goes beyond borders. Our support for migrant and refugee children should too.
@Unicef @unicef_es #ElGolMásLargo #AnteTodoSonNiños #LongestGoal #AChildIsAChild

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Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). An ancient patio where Ancestral Puebloans lived 800+ years ago. Cedar Mesa, Southern Utah in what was briefly #BearsEarsNationalMonument. From an assignment for the magazine covering the recent National Monument reductions of Bears Ears and #EscalanteGrandStaircase, Utah. If you ever find a site like this please #VisitWithRespect! @cedarmesafriends is a great resource for site etiquette. Never enter or lean on any ruins, leave all artifacts no matter how small, and never reveal specific location information! For more images from the #BearsEars area follow @argonautphoto!

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“What I put on the runway was inspired by many different kinds of men: the street-style star, the high fashion man, the boardroom executive. I conceived these clothes thinking that each of them could find something that perfectly fits his personal style. These are men who do not care about the rules and that is exactly what I love: they have an opinion and make their own style choices.” @donatella_versace
Watch the highlights from the #VersaceSS19 men’s show. #MFW
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no one cared who I was until I put on the mask
#9gag #scarecrow #윤리리 #세젤귀 #사랑해 #냥스타그램 #냥블리 #catman

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My new car pillow!! Love Love Love it @monkinz2017 💖💕💘 #UnicornLove

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Shot or cross? 🤔🔥 @uslsoccer
@fccincinnati @lede.manu18

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Dude was trying to have moms all up in the video on the wrong day 😂💀@bighomieblocks @worldstar #WSHH

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Lmao do it !!!😂💀 ........#hoodclips

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One of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Let’s love each other while we’re alive. ❤️ REST IN PEACE YOUNG KING.

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