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Selesaiiiii, pemenang dipilih acak dan akan diumumkan tanggal 21 Agustus 2018 di instagram @pokga_thamrincity ..
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یک عمر با عِزت ...مرگ باعِزت
عِزت زیاد.. آقای سینما

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Yung medyo di nagustuhan ni nanay pag twerk niyo 😂😂😂😂😂

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See u in Singapore soon #liquid #liquidnight #zouksg @liquidstate_co

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#Repost @islam4everyone_ with @get_repost
Must Read - C A P T I O N !
Modern mommy don't breastfeed her baby, because this will damage the perfect shape of her figure.
Modern mommy carry puppy's on their lap instead of taking their baby. Poor babies, are carried by the baby-strollers.
Modern mommy is busy with her kitty party and her baby is alone at home, playing with toys, exhausted and bored.
Modern mommy works whole day outside and babies are taking care of by the maid or babysitter. They better start calling mommy to the maids.
Modern mommy don't awake their child during fajr time because they want beauty sleep.
Modern mommy don't have time to feed their kids with their own hands, but they use forks. Hardly they even cook.
Modern mommy compares their kids with their kid's friend without even realizing it's hurting them.
Modern mommy teaches their kids to not to talk with poor or beggers because they are dirty.
Modern mommy complains more about the low grades and scold their kids for the poor marks instead of caring about kid's feelings.
Modern mommy is sink into her own problems that don't even ask kid, what's going on in your life my child and those are the kids suffering from loneliness and depression.
When Modern mommy have her boyfriend except husband, then it's not surprising if their kids are found with opposite sex in some hotel's room.
Modern mommy gives everything that their kids want. Mommy 150 dollars please? Yeah sure, enjoy baby! Yooooo you're cool mom! But here's the fault!
Modern mommy don't inqury on where her kid is using that money, on whom they are using money (bf/gf), for what they are using money (drugs/alcohol/party)!
Modern mommy doesn't bother about what their kids are doing outside (fighting, eve-teasing, bulling, smoking) because she is busy in watching TV serials, shopping and makeup.
Modern mommy allow their kids to have mobile phone or gadgets at the age of 9 or 10 and don't monitor them. Because their kids says - mommy why did you take my phone? it's against privacy!
Modern mommy tell their kids to use some face packs or whitening creams beacuse of their dark skin colour . . -
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Gorgeous by @postgorgeous

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So fikir fikirkan lah 😂

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IKEA customer by @ricardopassaporte #ricardopassaporte

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Six years on from his arrival at #MUFC, we all have our favourite @RobinvanPersie moment. What’s yours? 😜

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#Promises never sounded better than today’s release by @Samsmith & @CalvinHarris.
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تست پرس الماس

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#goodmorning ☀️

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L ❤️

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Kita sudah bebas dari penjajah asing, jangan sampai kita dijajah oleh bangsa kita sendiri.. jangan biarkan kita terpecah belah, jangan sampai kita bermusuhan antara yg berbeda baik itu pendapat, pilihan, ras dan agama.. Selamat hari kemerdekaan Indonesia ke 73.. MERDEKA!!

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زندگي به همين بي ارزشي است.
عزت يك ملت هم كه باشي روزي ميروي.
چقدر دوستون داشتم.چقدر جاتون خالي شد و چقدر تمام شهر از رفتنتون غمگينه.
عاقبت به خير شدن يعني همين.
خدا نگهدار اقاي بازيگر

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Extremely saddened to hear about the passing of our ex prime minister, Shree Atal Behari Vajpayee ji. He was a fantastic leader and visionary.. May his legacy continue to live on. God bless his soul, Rest in peace... Jai Hind.

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Photo by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) 21-month-old Afghan refugee Anna Rahmoni sleeps under a mosquito net outside her family’s tent in a camp North of Athens in Greece last Friday the 10th of August 2018, while visiting with @anikaphi of @unmigration and @rooswijngaards of @everydayrefugees to document the daily life of the people in the camp. For more photos and videos of the refugee crisis follow me @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen

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عزت سينماي ايران هم پركشيد
روحش شاد يادش جاودان 🌹🙏🏻🌟

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Salam Jumaat korang . Aaaaa , Sementara nak tgu Live kejap lagi , nak tya siapa suka makanan western kat sini ??? Kalau western kan , korang lebih kepada KAMBING ATAU AYAM ? Sebab kite nak lanjeeee 🤪 Kalau kite kan , semua punnn suke !!! Hantooo MAKANNNN ! 😁🙌🏻😁 .

A . Grilled Lamb
B . Chicken Chop
@ilaparxchange ❤️

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Merah Putih ❤️🇮🇩 Lomba 17 agustus serrruuuuu hahhahahahhahaa......... bunda dan bilqis selalu semangat cinta INDONESIA 👩‍👧

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Ikan goreng utk somi makan dgn sambal ijo, sayur kobis carrot goreng malasnya aku, sup ikan merah dan dlm bungkusan dr bonda tercinta kuey tiaw goreng.. mesti ada org order hari jumaat kan @nadiadamien moga murah rezeki mak aameen.. korg makan apa?? Dh tgk filem wheely???

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