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We take Nelson Mandela’s words on education to heart! We want all our kids to change the world someday! #education #quote #nelsonmandela

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Sports help students, like Carlos, learn the values of teamwork! #teamwork #success #afterschoolworks

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Washington DC Program Manager Tierra Stewart is a passionate advocate for young people. She oversees 4 schools and serves over 200 ASAS students. She is an excellent motivator and mentor for kids, who affectionately refer to her as Ms. T.
Tierra’s strength of will and positive attitude are infectious, both for the students she serves and the All-Star staff she empowers. Tierra leads by example, providing our program leads with a template on how to effect change. Time and time again, she’s taken it upon herself to create opportunities for students from neighboring schools to spend time with one another and to foster meaningful friendships. She strikes a balance between creating a loving and nurturing environment while instilling the values of respect, hard work and higher purpose.
Thank you, Tierra Stewart! You are narrowing the opportunity gap and empowering young people every day.
Read a blog co-written by Tierra on how ASAS DC is helping students become more active, healthy and empowered: LINK IN BIO

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Our Goal: creating environments where moments of joy are the norm, supports positive growth and development in the kids we serve. #iheartafterschool #afterschool #students #joy

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When things don’t go as planned, we encourage our kids to try again and take a different approach. #sel #afterschoolworks #iheartafterschool

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You are an amazing role model for us and our students! We are very excited for you and your family's move to @lakers #LeBronJames #Lakers #afterschool #rolemodel

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We’re thrilled to share that After-School All-Stars’ own Jason Spector, Senior Director of Strategy & Evaluation, was named one of the nation’s 25 Most Influential Individuals in the Afterschool field for Research and Evaluation by the National Afterschool Association. Congrats, Jason. You’re an All-Star! Read more here: LINK IN BIO #iheartafterschool #afterschoolworks

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The face of homelessness is changing. The reality is that thousands of school-aged children make up Central Florida’s homeless population. They move frequently – living with friends, in shelters, motels, cars … or even on the street. And when school adjourns for the summer, things get worse, because the structure these children depend on disappears. They don’t have access to a safe environment, engaging activities and resources like the free/reduced lunch program, which provides many of them with their only two meals of the day. In short, they’re robbed of the opportunity to just “be kids.” Since the beginning, our goal has been simple: provide a safe, positive experience for children who might otherwise slip through the cracks. Since 2011, led by After-School All-Stars Orlando and in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central FL, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central FL, The City of Orlando and A Gift for Teaching, an astounding collaboration of the Central Florida community – through volunteer hours, food, services, materials and funds – has made it possible. The pictures and numbers say it all. To learn more visit: LINK IN BIO

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Happy 4th of July from After-School All-Stars! #4thofjuly #fourthofjuly #july #fireworks #independenceday

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Listen to Juan as he shares his transformation from “a shy kid” to an outspoken leader thanks to After-School All-Stars. #afterschool #iheartafterschool

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Capturing the realest of moments! #photography #iheartafterschool

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We teach our kids to face each challenge with a positive attitude that encourages personal growth. #socialemotionallearning #afterschoolworks

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