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never have I ever been on so many water slides in my life haha but the kids had so much fun and that’s all that really matters! Now time for room service & falling asleep probably before the sun goes down 🙃

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my favorite moments ✨ #threemusketeers (Charlie’s tag driving anyone else crazy though?!)

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like mother like daughter 👯‍♀️

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golden hour in Paradise ✨ I cant get over how beautiful it is here!

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island girl 🌴

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*GIVEAWAY* I’m doing a lot of traveling this summer so I thought i would do a fun giveaway with my go-to travel routine favorites! I’m giving away: two @thetillow beach towels, 1 month of unlimited Organic spray tans from @beautyandglowbar and a custom facial, body wrap & product from @faciallounge for you & a friend you are or want to travel with!
To enter: follow me, @thetillow, @beautyandglowbar & @faciallounge and tag your travel buddy in the comments 👇🏼💕🌍

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when your six year old daughter teaches you how to work your TV remote & voice text...

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missing these pretty girls! we took this photo backstage after speaking on the @cosmoprofbologna panel in March! I loved getting to meet & talk to so many of you! ❤️@beautymadeinitaly #beautyxitaly #beautymadeinitaly #ad

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So, I told y’all a while ago that I was writing a book. I’ve been working on it for an entire year and it’s almost DONE! I’m so excited to share it with you guys...but before I finish it, I’m curious if there’s anything you want to know/what you would like to hear from me! Leave a comment & let me know!! Nothing is off limits 📚 🙃👇🏼

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off to church 🌸 @lillemons

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mine 💘

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