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if i look more handsome than usual in this photo it’s because i just learned how to be an instagram model in my new video. link in bio.

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hey it me at the premiere for my secret project with @atthellolab! the trailer for @starterpackshow is out now and the series premiere is on 8/20 on facebook watch, so set ten reminders on your phone and feel free to compliment my ankle skin.

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tag 3 of your friends or you will be killed in your sleep ✨ (thank you @sam92687 for taking this photo of me getting ready this morning.)

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that was the last time they let anthony near the peanut butter

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17 seconds after i flushed a dude’s head in the urinal for asking where my mom bought me my shirt.
my mom hasn’t told me yet so don’t ask again dickwad.

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basically @brandonbored and i are settling down and starting a family together 💕

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when someone asks me what my greatest achievement in life is, i just show them this #ad w @hasbro. batteries are NOT included so plz don’t ask me about that. it’s a very sensitive subject for me.

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happy birthday to my gothic queen @mielmonster XoXo 🖤🥀 love forever yours, darkboyrawr87

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but do you believe in unicorns?

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love my fans

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happy father’s day, dad. from giving me baths to teaching me how to use computers, you’ve always been there for me and have always inspired me to be a better person.
i love you, dad.

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today marks one year since i left smosh. in many ways it feels like starting over as i’ve been finding myself and learning what i actually enjoy creating on my own. there have been tough moments but never a moment of regret thanks to your constant support. i wouldn’t be able to do anything i do without you and the 90,000 accounts my mom runs to like all my photos and i never forget that 🙏🏼 ps: enjoy fetus anthony and fetus ian a month before making our first video together 13 yrs ago. pps: link in bio to see wtf i’ve been up to.

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