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happy father’s day, dad. from giving me baths to teaching me how to use computers, you’ve always been there for me and have always inspired me to be a better person.
i love you, dad.

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today marks one year since i left smosh. in many ways it feels like starting over as i’ve been finding myself and learning what i actually enjoy creating on my own. there have been tough moments but never a moment of regret thanks to your constant support. i wouldn’t be able to do anything i do without you and the 90,000 accounts my mom runs to like all my photos and i never forget that 🙏🏼 ps: enjoy fetus anthony and fetus ian a month before making our first video together 13 yrs ago. pps: link in bio to see wtf i’ve been up to.

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not sure if my hair has some kind of sick and twisted muscle memory but it is attempting to become an emo hairstyle again. WE MUST REBEL. WE MUSN’T ALLOW IT TO WIN. JOIN THE RESISTANCE. (currently looking for catchy protest chants)

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the demon lord patiently watches and awaits the perfect opportunity to pounce and violently rip the sugary treats from the færie boy’s paws for his own feasting pleasure 📷 @mbredouw

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tag yourself i’m the tv

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i made a mold of my most private body part link in bio enjoy

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welcome to my store we sell porn, skateboards, and one Waterworld VHS

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more attractive in drag? absolutely.
i was on @rupaulsdragrace and i’ll need a lifetime to come down from this high. bye.

ps: it’s kelly bitch

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praying someone casts me as Gaston in their Beauty and the Beast student film

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a new backpack.

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hey, i took a dare way too far in my new video that you can find by clicking the link in my bio and that’s all i will say today. bye.

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having a good hang with my girl cardi b! pretty stoked to get this candid photo of us together!

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