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In the words of @jessicagimeno, "Living well with depression takes practice." Here are some tips on how to navigate through it a bit more easily.

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These glasses let those who are legally blind or have low vision actually see and the results have been life-changing! @esight_eyewear

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90% of adults with autism in the U.S. are unemployed or underemployed, but this program is changing their lives.

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Our oceans currently hold over 150 millions tons of plastic waste. 😱

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Only half of Americans have meaningful interaction on a daily basis. 🤝 These sidewalk talks are encouraging dialogue in a safe environment.

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We throw away 35 million tons of food every year in the U.S. 😧 This group realized getting that wasted food to hungry people was just a matter of logistics! @goodrco @jasminecrowe

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Summer hunger is a nationwide dilemma, but these 15 states are in need of serious help.
Made in partnership with @FeedingAmerica

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This college student’s car broke down right before his first day on a new job, so he decided to walk 20 miles all throughout the night to be there on time the next morning. His perseverance inspired many and he was rewarded with a new car 🚗 #feelgoodfriday

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Here are 3 things you can do right now to help children at the border. 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣
@supportkind #familiesbelongtogether

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An area thousands of miles off the coast of Baja California was thought to be an ocean desert, devoid of life. But when researchers noticed sharks were migrating there, they tracked them and found it to be complex area full of sea life. 🦈 #snackablefacts

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Kids are reading to shelter dogs so that they’re more comfortable, and it’s reduced the average stay of dogs by 6 days! 📖🐶 @hsmopets

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This search engine uses 100% of its revenue from advertisements to plant trees all over the world. 💻🌱 @ecosia

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