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Every. Fucking. Time.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way 😻💚 #mybestfriend #yeaimacatlady
Top/bottoms/mat made by #aloyoga

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Surrender where you can- because everything else is a battle.

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“And you’re intimidated by other women?! Look at your body” (someone’s response to my story)
I. Am. Not. My. Body.
And neither are you my love.
Conversely. Cause- humans.
This was a first for “my body”
My first successful shifted gaze press up.
My hope is that you cling to the words “FIRST SUCCESSFUL” and then- further cling to the idea that none of it R E A L L Y matters.
Brain fuck, right?
Ha. Either way- I love you and the point is- you’re in the game so play. #life

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So did anyone else’s house feel like a heated yoga studio today?🧘🏻‍♀️🍯🤸🏼‍♀️ and... before you ask about the toes thing-
1-no, it doesn’t hurt
2-no, I was never a ballerina etc
3-I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and I’m not sure why/where I got it from 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣😹 lol.
#melting in @aloyoga

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A love letter to the women who intimidate me the most.
I’ve been reading and writing more in the last two weeks than I have in years or maybe my whole life, tbh.
I’ve realized that through conditioning- one of the things I’m most afraid of is other women. Maybe it was my childhood. My mom and I were never close- in fact it was only recently when my dad was hurt that we forged an unbreakable bond.

And so- with a deep rooted desire to grow, love and continue upward- I must surrender these unjust fears.
Here are some of the women that intimidate me the most:
@caleyalyssa I admire your uncanny- loveable, vibrant nature. The way you captive an entire room- even if it makes me feel completely unseen. Because I know thats simply within me and I’m grateful for the wake up call. I love you.

@jessicaolie - your drive and dedication blows me away. Never, ever stop. Ok- and your transformation... you sexy, sexy woman.
@mackenzieyoga You. Are. So. Fucking. Knowledgeable. I fear I could never catch up. Thank you for setting the bar so damn high.
@gypsetgoddess You’re fucking brilliant. Sometimes when we chat I catch myself stumbling- hoping you don’t notice. Thank you for loving me, always.
@yogoskenz I remember practicing behind you at the retreat. It was the first time you crossed my path. I was mesmerized. I’m in aw of you and your life as a whole. Thank you. I love you.
@kyliesheaxo My. God. There are no words. I admire and love everything about you. You’re talented, strong, sexy AF and brilliant. But mostly- I think I admire your father/daughter relationship.
I could probably go on and on, way past the allotted text per post.
But you get the point.
See your fears as desires and begin to understand the path is right in front of you. You are already everything you love, everything you’ve wanted to become. In fact- the very people who you admire are here to show you what’s possible. Simply a mirror.

Just let go. Let it be.
Thank you, I love you.

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Or maybe- now IS the dream (continued subject from last post)
I just started reading “a new earth” by @eckharttolle (thanks to @dissolveboundaries !!) Chapter one and already with the fucking knowledge bombs. Ok tbh I’m listening to it not reading 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ #2018 and I keep having to pause, process. Rewind, play. Repeat.
This for instance 🤯 “The greatest impediment to the discovery of inner space, the greatest impediment to finding the experiencer, is to become so enthralled by the experience that you lose yourself in it. It means consciousness is lost in it's own dream. You get taken in by every thought, every emotion, and every experience to such a degree that you are in fact in a dreamlike state. This has been the normal state of humanity for thousands of years.” <insert meditation>
Humanity is waking up.
Through silence we hear.
Meditation isn’t a task, it’s a tool.
It isn’t something to fear, it’s something to love. Start (or start again) today. Maybe even right now 🤷🏻‍♀️💚🙏🏼. Thank you, I love you.
Unrelated- @johnonelio gave me a photoshopped version of this photo- but I thought the fact that it looks like I pooped 4 birds was just too cute 💩🐦😹

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What if right now you are dreaming.
And at any moment you’re going to wake up.

Your life is drastically different.
Friends, family, career, problems, blessings, talents, body, fears and worldview.

What will you miss the most?
Photo by @lifeinabeachtown

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No send and a few dabs, but progress☀️🧗🏻‍♀️💚

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This is a fun little challenge for the body and mind. Some days I can get those legs nice and straight and others... like after the gnarliest “Yogasthenics” class @mosaicyoga... not so much, but that’s when the conversation deepens.
As always- know your edge, practice with care. You get one neck, one spine. BUT. Don’t let fear or dogma contain you.
#fuckalignment #forthemostpart #explore #everynookandcranny #safeythird

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My mom is an old school catholic girl.
She talks about Heaven and it’s pearly gates, redemption and love- a magical place where everything is possible. Starting with walking “normally” (as she says) my mom has cerebral palsy and it mostly effects her lower body. Twenty five surgeries later, walking is doable but not easy.
So. If that’s heaven- I think I’m already there. Anything humanly possibly is available to you. And- maybe there aren’t specific “pearly gates” but fuck. Just look at this planet we live on- or the body we call ours.
Miracles beyond comprehension.
Every moment is an opportunity to redefine yourself and your time here.
You know that fountain of youth? It’s within you- it’s your infinite source and expression of love. Tap in. Share.
So today- the sun rose, my eyes opened and I drew air in. My heart thrives as life courses through my veins. I’m healthy and able.
I’m grateful and happy.

Today I am in heaven.
Make the choice to join me, please?

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So um.. thank you for all the love in response to my last post.
Really. Thank you. I love you.
We all have those days. But WHY post that? Well I guess... I found myself sitting in bed midday post Netflix binge, staring at MY OWN damn pictures feeling hopeless. Weighed down even more so by resentment and jealousy! Immediately my heart connected the dots. And. For me to continue in love, vulnerability and authenticity my ONLY option was to share my low too.
Today- I love me.
So much.
Today my heart is full of gratitude for the love and light that fuels me- but whats really freeing is I’m ok with everything between love and hate, bliss and sadness.
Because, samsara.
Wearing @aloyoga new fall line which drops real soon! If you’re curious- checkout their story to find out more!

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I can touch my head with my foot but I hate me.
That’s how I feel today.

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