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Are you a yoga teacher or athlete? Maybe an artist or a blogger? Do you need photos or a video?
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Long before the reality of creating for @instagram I taught at @apple. I mostly taught older people how to reset passwords 🙄🙅🏻‍♀️ BUT my passion was video editing and photography. After Apple my passion turned to video- specifically creating music videos 🤤. Even as a kid- one time use film cameras mesmerized me. I guess you could say, I’ve always considered myself to be an artist. Somewhere along the way though- its become fairly routine, its become work... I don’t even remember the last time I went out with my camera just to capture.
Aside from diving back into my creativity- I also really want to give back and to connect. So. If you’re in San Diego and you need a little creative ninja to help out in any way- hit your girl up. Don’t be shy, please 💚☀️ and also let’s do email this time because DM’s are actually impossible to keep up with.
Photo by the super talented @johnonelio

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I’m currently working on more control (a consistent roll) while in full lotus. Note the difference between kneeling and seated. Endless options, options, options. Growth. And for that I’ll love this yoga practice forever.

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For once I didn’t unnecessarily insert this knee bar 😹😼 #takehold #grottoclimbing #aloyoga

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Not time, the weather, his or her reaction, the longevity of your job, even your body and health.
None of these do you truly control.
It can be quite overwhelming and simultaneously FREEING when you fully process just how little is within our grasp let alone our control.
But. Our love, compassion, patience, kindness, empathy- essentially our approach to life IS within our “control” so why not choose the path of least resistance, the path of love and light?

#beagoddess #aloyoga

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Hello Summer ☀️😻 I hadn’t been out to the pump wall in almost a year and I could feel all of my hard work in every move. A dramatic improvement in grip strength, endurance and technique. ————————————————
The more I share my new(ish) fitness journey the more questions you guys have. How did I get/stay motivated? What’s my diet like? What’s my fitness routine like? So here’s a snippet.
MOTIVATION- your brain is as simple as it is complex. Trick that motherfucker.
Maybe it’s a long term goal like a 1/2 marathon, maybe it’s a new pair of running shoes or even a nice pair of denim that’s 1 size too small, a bet with a friend- whatever it is you just need a LITTLE something to get you going and keep you going hard for about 3 weeks- eventually it becomes a habit you crave. On staying motivated- make it a priority always and get friends and family involved. but really- begin to a build a lifestyle that drives your goals. ————————————————
DIET- everyone is different, however for me- rules and guidelines are just not an option 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ I eat anything and everything I want. Sometimes that’s a salad while other times it’s a few strong IPA’s and donuts for dinner #sorrynotsorry the one thing that doesn’t change? I eat A LOT. I’m basically hungry every 2 hrs and I honor that. 🙅🏻‍♀️🤤 No restriction here.
ROUTINE- I lift weights 3/4 days a week. I aim to do a little cardio everyday as well as “cardio focused” workouts 2-3 days a week. I climb and yoga often but the days/duration are always different. —————————————————————— Do you guys have any other questions?
Do you guys have any advice?
Thank you. I loooooove you.
Wearing @aloyoga // @soill

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7 months today. Really? 7 months since I got the call- you had passed away and it was your choice. It seems like it was a week ago and a lifetime ago at the same time.
I was on a 5 hr flight that night and I don’t think I’ll ever stop wondering if you reached out to me. During our almost 8 years of living together we talked about depression and suicide often- but usually when you were giving me advice. Reminding me why I belong here on this earth. That it would all get better. That I am loved.

I’ve experienced a lot of emotions since you passed: sadness, anger, confusion... fear.
But perhaps the most profound? Gratitude. Gratitude for what seems like a second chance at this thing we call life.
Gratitude for the opportunity to see first hand the hurt left behind, to miss you so much and know that you’d never imagine or understand how much you’re loved.
Thank you. I love you. ——————————————————
It’s ok to not be ok- but it’s not ok to deal with it alone. Know yourself well and when you start to notice the thoughts and feelings, maybe even urges- REACH OUT. To anyone. Family, a friend- or a professional. If those aren’t options- I’m here for you. Don’t hesitate.
#depression #normalizeit #humanizeit

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Today, a username I’ve never seen told me I was fake. Twice.
Immediately triggered, I blocked him.
Then I looked at his account again.
Next I went to Facebook and looked up his name “do I know him?” “Perhaps he overheard something I said out of context?” “Maybe he’s friends with someone who doesn’t like me IRL” “Someone from back in the day when I was substantially crazier?” “Woah. Easy crazy.” Were my next thoughts.
You’re you. That’s as real as you can be. So let’s just say any one of the next responses is more appropriate: fuck what he thinks. No thanks. Well- that’s your opinion. Ok, man. I love you.

But. What I ultimately landed on is this. How is it, WHY is it that hundreds of loving and supportive comments can just wash over me like refreshing water while one negative comment can stick like a dart in a board?
Fuck that. Put love on a pedestal and forget about the rest.
Today. I’m actively (even though it may require me to check in over and over again) choosing love and light over everything else.
Wearing @aloyoga
#beagoddess #suckit #iloveyoutho

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When you only have an hour and you’re working on strength and flexibility 🤣🙊
#donttrythis #ordo #yourcall #safetythird #aloyoga

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I wish I could say the picture on the left was from February and that all the work I’ve been doing since March has created the image on the right.

I mean- it has... kinda.

But the image on the left is from 2013... and if my memory serves me- I was unhappy about my physical form and endurance capacity years before 2013 *hence the “started here photo.” In late February/early March I hit a wall. It became completely clear that I and ONLY I could change the things I was unhappy about. I didn’t bother taking a photo, I say I didn’t care but I think subconsciously I didn’t want to let myself down again when “I inevitably gave up and had to scroll past another set of started here photos.” June 1st is here and my god am I proud of myself. Yes my ass looks great and yes- I can walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing- you guys think I’m joking but those close to me know I was incredibly out of shape.

But what I’m mooooost proud of? Other than the tramp stamp almost being gone- jk... kinda. 🙊 Proving to myself that I have the willpower, the tenacity and self awareness to stick to something- no fall in love with something I once dreaded.
Hey aubry- thank you, I love you.

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Thank you for inspiring me to live life filled with wholehearted Love and purpose -@tarateipel
Wearing @aloyoga // Photo by @johnonelio

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It’s the way we show up day in and day out- conversation to conversation and even (especially) our internal dialogue that defines us.
It isn’t just the big events.
It’s not only when everyone is looking.
And it isn’t just the easy stuff.
It’s everything, all the time.
Slow down. Say hi. Make eye contact. Give more. Take less. Care. Love. Always.
Badass base: @moderntarzan
PC: @acrosprout

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