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Georgie is competing in this year’s Wombat Olympics in the hurdle event, she’s doing a great job at practicing! Big cheers for Georgie! 👏👏👏 📷 thanks to @photosbyhanna for this well-timed photo
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Snapped a good photo of our meerkats? We’d love to see it! Tag your photo with #MeerkatsOfBallarat 😺
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Raaaaawwrrrrr! Check out what Lava Claw our Komodo Dragon had for breakfast! 😆😆😆 #ballaratwildlifepark #visitballarat #wandervictoria #seeaustralia

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Stretchingggg into the weekend with Kombai. Thanks to @photosbyhanna for this great photo!
If you’re visiting us, tag your photos with #ballaratwildlifepark - we’d love to see them! #visitballarat #wandervictoria #seeaustralia

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Coco wonders “Have I got this wrong? Patrick the Wombat would ride in the wheelbarrow, somehow I’ve ended up pushing it! Oh well, happy to help my careers give fresh dirt to dig in for all our Wombie family”. We love your work, Coco!
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Buttons is bursting with excitement to announce IT’S A GIRL 💕
Another gorgeous joey that has just emerged here at the park!
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G’Day Miffy! This bright-eyed joey has recently emerged from Mumma Daisy’s pouch at @ballaratwildlifepark 💕🐨
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Do you think Eski is practicing to try out for @thevoiceau ..? 😉
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Ballarat Wildlife Park will be without power due to line works on the property on Thursday the 19th of July from 9am until early afternoon.
The Park will still be open to visitors, however the Reptile House will have limited lighting for viewing purposes and food and beverage options may vary. We thank you for your understanding.

Contact us for any further enquiries on (03) 5333 5933

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🐍 ssssssome people are brave, some are afraid. Tag your mate and tell us which one you are!
Snake encounters available, enquire at our entrance building.
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Have you met Blue? 🐧
He's one of the little penguin chicks hatched here late last year (his camera-shy brother, Bruce in the background). Blue is becoming quite the little show-penguin, earlier this week he was caught trying to climb into keeper Hanna's gumboot, apparently she wasn't dishing the fish out fast enough!
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Gee Taz you weren’t joking when you said how close you can get to the Little Penguins. They are so cute! We are open all this long week-end from 9am – 5pm. Get up close to these little cuties and see much, much more. Visit our website for Keeper talk times and pricing

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