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It has been two years since physically seeing my mother and my best friend. I️ always strive to make you proud and everyday strive to be more like you. No words can describe how much I️ miss you and I️ know I️ will see you up above! Love you❤️

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Couldn’t be more happy for my great friend @rudolph2mason ! @steelers you got a good one!

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Happy Birthday Dad 🔫🦅☔️

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2017 ‘Twas a Year to Remember!

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Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you so much and think about you everyday. You were the most beautiful person inside and out! Everyday my goal is to be just a little like you. You left to early, but I will see you in the future! ❤️ 11:11

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A Weekend To Remember @rudolph2mason

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New York, it's been REAL, it's been FUN! It's been REAL FUN! Onto the next chapter in my life in Palo Alto, California! Bout to catch some creamy waves in Cali! 🤘

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Happy Fathers Day to the Dopest Dad East of the Mississippi! Enjoy your day Pops!

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I truly cannot believe it has been one year since your passing! You couldn't have been more beautiful, inside and out! I still see you, but just in my dreams. There have been so many milestones, and life changing experiences that we would usually laugh about, together! Everyday gets a little easier, but the pain never goes away! I will never forget the many great memories you and I once shared! I love you so much and I will see you again❤️

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"That's What"-She

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👌Been Shredding since Day 1 Dude 👌

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