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We changed the game...again! Official reveal coming soon. {PS: Mark your calendars β€” 7/25 & 7/26 πŸ“168 Bowery Street, NYC β€” You’ll be the very first to see our new launch IRL! πŸ‘€πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸ’• }#BounceWorthy

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Sunday strong with this duo. {Beauty's new power couple launches 7/24 -- any guesses?} #BounceWorthy

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A few of our favorite power couples, but the newest drops 7/24. {Reveal coming soon!} #BounceWorthy

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{SOUND ON!} We invited a few friends to beautyblender studios for a sneak peek of our next launch...Turns out they're just as excited as we are! #BounceWorthy

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Makeup’s bestie AAF. πŸ’•

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We cracked the beauty game once & we're about to do it again. {New Power Couple, coming soon} #BounceWorthy

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Better together. {Beauty's newest Power Couple, drops 7/24} #BounceWorthy

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Launching our +1 on 7/24. Spoiler Alert: It’s not another blender. #BounceWorthy

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Wouldn't do one without the other, okurrrr! {Beauty's newest Power Couple, coming soon} #BounceWorthy

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An icon never settles. {Beauty's new Power Couple: coming soon} #BounceWorthy

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Some things just go together. {Beauty's newest Power Couple, coming soon. πŸ‘€} #BounceWorthy

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Bounce it. Blend it. Bake it. Repeat. {beauty by: @the.hannahjensen}

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