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#BeckyWithTheGoodHair 💁🏼‍♀️

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Permanent Monday Mood 💤

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If I ever go missing, please follow my kids. They can always find me no matter where I try to hide... always.

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Making tiny best friends for myself since 2014. 🧒🏼🧒🏼

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It took WEEKS of practice to get Rowan to say “Mommy” or “I love you” but my 21 year old brother teaches him to say “Baba Yaga” (they refer to it in the movie John Wick as the boogeyman) ONCE & he picks it up perfectly in seconds. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Now he wont stop saying it & sometimes whispers it to me right when I wake up just to be extra creepy. Greeeaaattttt.
(*In this context, it’s a John Wick reference, not an old Russian Slavic folklore fearsome witch reference 😆 Just trying to prevent any unnecessary comments.) #IllStillGetUnnecessaryComments

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“Let’s Chat Friday” - This week’s question is much less intense & a lot more fun.
Which fictional place would you most like to visit??
How many of you HP addicts would want an admissions letter to Hogwarts? 😂🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♀️
I would want to build a dream world for Chris & I to visit at the end of a longgg day like Leo did in Inception where a few hours in the real world equaled years in their dream world. It’s our ultimate introverted mutual fantasy that we talk about & the boys wouldn’t even notice that we were gone. 🙌🏼 That, or my geek side would say Padmé Amidala’s home on Naboo because that sh! looked like pure magic. 🌿

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That last line though. “You’re welcome... anytime” 🤣 #WhereDoesHeGetTheseLinesFrom ? #OvergrownRootsAndSmudgedEyelinerIsMyMomUniform 💁🏻‍♀️

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Who gave my little baby boys permission to look like men? 😭 If I weren’t pregnant right now the baby fever would be REAL. #Givemeallthebabies #thatsoundedcreepierthanintended 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼

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“Why do you call yourself a professional introvert in your bio when you have a public account?”
I can see how someone new coming to my page & glancing at my feed can easily come to that question, but sharing over a screen vs. how you are “in real life” can be 2 very different things.
What you’re seeing on my account are all curated & chosen moments in time. You would probably be surprised meeting me in person to find how reserved I actually am.
▪️I’m the first to stand in the back corner at a crowded party.
▪️I don’t like interjecting in conversations.
▪️Being out in group settings/parties drains my energy. By the time I get home I feel like I need several days alone to “charge” back up.
▪️My ideal night consists of staying in & enjoying the glorious company of Chris & Netflix 📺
▪️I’m much better communicating my feelings via writing vs. talking/having a conversation. & I’m much more comfortable asking questions vs. talking about myself/taking over the topic.
▪️I keep a very small, close group of friends.
▪️I enjoy eating out at restaurants alone, & before meeting Chris, I would regularly take myself out to the movies (which I LOVED). I would movie-hop & line up 3 movies to watch back to back at the theater. Yes… I used to be a dirty part time degenerate who movie-hopped.
▪️In school I was commonly mistaken for a B for being quiet/standoffish, when it was just me being shy & too intimidated to initiate conversation.
▪️Public speaking makes me incredibly nervous (I start to shake/sweat)
I know that some of these statements also apply true for some extroverts, but I do believe that I relate much more to the classic introvert characteristics vs. that of an extrovert. I’ve always been this way & I don’t think there’s anything better/worse about being one way vs. another– our differences are what make us unique.
What about you? Do you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between?

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What 90% of my day looks like. The other 10% is me trying to shower or nap with my eyes open.

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Story Time 📖
I was kneeling down to Kai’s eye level to give him a hug and post-hug he looked at me, gasped grabbing both sides of my face & said “MOMMY!!!” (I thought there was a bug on me 🐛) “Mommy! Your EYES!! They’re BEAUTIFUL!”. In other news - I’ll be wearing that same dark purple eyeliner I tried for the first time that day for the rest of my life. 😆 #thoseboysmakememelt

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3 out of 4 smiling & looking at the camera is a true family photo triumph 🙌🏼 #KaiGiving110Percent #GreatSuccess 👍🏼

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