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Because u make me smile every goddam time I look at u @wherearetheavocados

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She’s so dam cute ohmygod @wherearetheavocados

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I’m so in love with her fuck @wherearetheavocados

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I’m so excited for you should see me in a crown live SHITS GONNA GO CRAZY @wherearetheavocados

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How is she real @wherearetheavocados

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I wish I was that spider

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This is one of the million reasons I love Billie so much and we must protect her at all times @wherearetheavocados

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I’m in love with a girl an her name is Billie Eilish @wherearetheavocados

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Billie, maybe it’s not finneas’ fault that it smells like feet @wherearetheavocados @finneasoconnell

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WELCOME TO THE WEB OHMYGOD @wherearetheavocados

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Some people are fools @wherearetheavocados

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Credit @billieseyelishs

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