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On the hill that separates The Valley (like totally) from Hollywood. 🚴‍♂️

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Last night was big fun! Thanks, @taylorswift

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#BillNyeSavesTheWorld Season 3 now streaming on @netflix - turn it up loud!

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I’m here to save the world... but not without the help of some fine folks like @karliekloss, @schwarzenegger and even @feliciathegoat, to name a few. See for yourself when Season 3 drops May 11 on @netflix. Carry on...

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I took the time to read some of @bill_nye_tho__’s tweets. They were, uh, charming...

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New York and DC, I’ll see you next week! #JackAndTheGeniuses

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I spent a whole day tinkering with #NintendoLabo, and it was cooler than liquid nitrogen! Plus, I made a new friend, Scooter, shown here ☝️.

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Happy Earth Day! Take some time and ponder our place in space. We’re alone out here. No one coming to save us from ourselves. Let’s take care of our home. #earthday2018 🌎

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Nothing beats the chemistry between me and my #nikereact. Check out The Dispensary at 548 Richmond Street West, now open to catch your runner’s high. @niketoronto

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This is no game, people. It’s #nintendolabo. Thanks for having me, Canada.

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It was great to spend some time with LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti this morning at City Hall to kick off City of #STEM. Science rules! (and so does technology, engineering and math!)

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Today I reflect: Martin Luther King changed the world. But we need quite a bit more change. He was optimistic. We can be too.

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