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When can you start posing for mama again? 😩📸🤷🏻‍♀️ #throw🔙

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WOOHOOO.... June School Holidays...Here i comeeeee!!🕺🏻🤘🏼😍♥️😎 #raydensvid

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Dear son,
Watching you grow has been the delight of my life. I look at you and wonder what dreams you will dream, what mountains you will climb, what joys you will have. I know there will be tears and struggles as well, but prayers is that you will grow into the man you are meant to be ♥️

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When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change 😎♥️👑

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Happy Happiest Mother’s Day to every loveliest Mom in the world and to my dearest Mommy @ststan88 , who is always there for me whenever I need a listening ear to rant/talk to! Love you Mommy ♥️😘💐👩🏻
(Throw🔙 to a very very old photo of us as I’d just realised that we hardly take pics together! 😩)

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Throw🔙 to the time when he was young, wild and chubby 😜♥️🤗

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I cannot stop wondering if you’re constantly thinking about me ?🤔💙

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It’s nothing more than a smile but it gets me EVERYTIME ! ♥️😊

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I know I can always count on you 😋💙

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Living that Adidas life yoz! 👊🏼💙😋

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Here’s what I’d received from his school’s email daily 🤪🤦🏻‍♀️

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