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Thoughts for this as a table? Too busy? Too much? Or is it good and it should be glued into a table? Tell me what you think because I'm going to give this away online to a follower when it's finished and I'd hate for you to win something ugly.

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Mucking around with design ideas for a table. Is this interesting? Help!

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la cascata

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I'm gong to make a few rustic tables out of all of the #recycled I've had around. Who's into heavy saplines? Tell me what you like

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Sap falls

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Recycled messmate.

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A dense, indelible set of blackbutt sticks

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A new journey begins

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Back from India

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The last week I took a break to work with a bamboo crew run by @barefootsustainabledesign
Jaye designed the structure and led the build himself. It's inspiring to work with someone who is guided by his ethics. Both personally and in his ecological enterprise. Something very rare in the building industry.

Making this 15m high monstrosity was by far the most rewarding building experiences I've ever had. Long days and nights together. Supporting eachother under a super, super tight deadline. Building with bamboo is so different to pre dressed timber. Nothing lines up, everything is bent and has to be lashed against opposing members. Everything is cut with Japanese bamboo hand saws. I've had a peak into a totally new trade. Amazing. I see more of this work in my path in the future. Stay tuned.. a retreat? Guesthouse? Who knows. .

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