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ME blessing every single meal I eat between now and the next time I have to publicly wear a swimsuit....

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I was so proud to host a party last night in honor of @aurorajames & @brothervellies @cfda @swarovski nomination I was shocked and thrilled to win this award in 2016 and what I’ve always taken away from that once in a lifetime experience was not only how exciting it was for me but how proud I was for the women on my team who have gone on this journey with me and who made it possible. I have known Aurora for years and we have always been bonded together by our love and advocation of women. As you know, the designer of any company is only a small percentage of the entire bigger picture, and through her company @brothervellies, Aurora has trained and employed hundreds of women throughout Africa and provides fair wages and working conditions for those creating her deeply personal and storied products. Her work with the women’s march and planned parenthood is equally remarkable and I was proud last night to be able to celebrate not only her contributions to this industry but also her relentless efforts to make the world a better and more just place. Our industry is ever changing, we must recognize where we fail and we must acknowledge how we can be better together going forward. On June 4th, Aurora will be the only woman of color to be nominated in a major category, and while that fact is certainly cause for celebration, it also poses a very puzzling question, why? We’re an industry built on images and perception, it’s important that we think seriously about what we’re putting out there beyond the clothes, from campaigns to castings, to employees and interns, and that we create spaces where younger generations can see themselves. If we step outside of ourselves, our images, the trends and the money, what is our work saying, who is it helping? Throughout her life Aurora has made it her mission to answer these questions, knowing that if we want to see change, we must be the change. I’m so grateful to everyone that came last night to toast Aurora, not least of all our extraordinarily talented designer friends who are leading the charge and who recognize that without a doubt, we are stronger together. I love you Aurora, congratulations! ❤️

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My Wednesday MOOD. @joansmalls in our F/W 17 Campaign. I’ve recently been watching these films back and the interesting thing to me now, a year later, is how much I can feel the power of what these women are saying even without the audio on. I can look in Joan’s eyes and see a story, even different from the one we were aiming to tell. I can see a life lived, a soul, a feeling bigger than the clothes. These films are always an attempt to humanize and bring emotion to something that is often times empty, they symbolize and sum up where I was in my life at the time that I made these collections and the journey that I proudly go on with the women that bring our clothes to life. I’m always grateful to have these life markers to look back on and so thankful to the women that so selflessly dive in to tell the story with us. 🖤 Directed by myself & @wonderfulboy #joansmalls #brandonmaxwell

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the queen @iamnaomicampbell! I love you more than any Instagram post could possibly say. You’ve taught me about confidence and learning to love myself and you showed me very early on by example that friendship and loyalty are the two most fashionable things one can possess. I’m always grateful that you came in to my life, and I wish for you the very best day, today and all days. ❤️ #naomicampbell

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A few Mondays ago...🤗 📸:@kevinmazur

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🎼 LET ME TELL YA BOUT MY BEST FRIEND 🎼From 14 years old to 33 years old, and every moment in between, you have been the picture of perfection in my eyes and the absolute definition of friendship. Congratulations @wildpony84 on opening your FIRST SALON! SO proud of you for taking this step and so grateful I could be in Texas for this special night. Here’s to a lifetime more of us ignoring the party and laughing in the kitchen with chips and queso by ourselves. I love you. If you’re in Austin, TX, come visit @theblondeleopard! 🐯❤️ 📸:@wonderfulboy

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OK I know I say this all the time and some of you are probably like hey stop talking BUT, imagine you were 13 years old and you wanted to make dresses and then somehow that dream came true and then you are fortunate enough to sell them in stores and you go to see how they’re doing and they’re SOLD OUT! I’m blessed beyond measure by all of you kind women that have basically given me a life! This was my first collection working with full blown color, which scared me for a really long time, and it’s super comforting to see that it’s actually what you wanted! I’m not a woman so seeing your pictures and hearing your feedback is crucial for me. How you styled your looks and what you’re wanting next better helps me to prepare the next collections, so keep it coming! If you haven’t yet had a chance to shop this collection, there’s limited time (like super limited!) left, and you can access a retailer near you or online via the link in bio. ❤️

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Simply the best, always gorgeous @blakelively wearing a hint of what’s to come from our new pre-spring collection and customized just a bit to match the occasion for tonight’s “Deadpool 2” premiere in New York City. ❤️ #blakelively

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I feel like my career has been a study in honoring the relationship between mother and child. My own mother, full of beauty, grace, and style, informed totally how I saw the world and the women in it. You can dress up, you can dress down, you can have everything, or you can have nothing, but it’s what you say with your words and your actions that make you truly beautiful. I was raised by a woman that taught me to know that kindness, love, and the willingness to help others were far more fashionable than any dress or jewel one could possess. My aim has always been to do my best, to give all that I have to make the women in my life feel beautiful and valued, to provide a safe and loving space for those who need it, and I do it all, always, in honor of my Mother. To the women that wear our clothes, I hope when you slip on those black pants or that ball gown you feel the very same love, warmth, and safety that has engulfed my whole life as the very lucky child of @pamwoolley. I know that not every child in this world is as fortunate as me, and I also know that the love of a mother doesn’t necessarily have to come from the woman who gave you life, so today and all days we salute the courageous, selfless, and loving women in this world who have chosen to take a child in and love them as their own. I am living proof that if you love a child well, if you believe in their dreams, if you validate, accept, and nurture every little bit of their being that the world may not, they stand an incredible chance to succeed at a life far beyond their wildest dreams. Love is what we all need, and there’s no better place to find it than in the arms of a mother. Thank you @pamwoolley for giving me my life. You can view our latest campaign, a love letter to mothers and children, starring @jourdandunn and #rileydunn via the link in bio. ❤️

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For Karlie’s look, it was all about staying classically covered with only the most angelic hint of skin. I’ve always been enamored by the classic Beauty of Karlie, her very healthy American approach to life, and her statuesque presence. She wears a hand dyed black Jersey backless strapless gown with hand pleated capelet, made in our studio in New York. 🖤 #metgala

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Tiffany’s look was all about purity with a dash of the wild side. One of the very first things you notice when you meet Tiffany is how effortlessly fresh and beautiful she is, a very pure heart with most fun spirit. Hand made in our studio in New York, she wears an ivory triple layer lapel twill robe with train and hand beaded black pearl leopard pants on georgette. 🖤 #metgala

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When you go with two dates and they become best friends and you’re on the side like hey guys what about me tho?

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