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Wonder who you’re dreaming of...
If you can guess what lens this was taken with, you get a 🍪

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I saw you in my dreams again, it felt so real
For those of you who noticed... yes this is an old photo- taken back in 2015!

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I see it all now, you’re a star🌟

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Nothing shines quite as bright💫

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Take me back to a time only we knew

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and it’s all in the name of love

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Take a trip into my garden

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This technicolor hallway was something out of a dream💫

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A memory can make a flower bloom🌼

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Cover your crystal eyes

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Get lost in what you love🍦
Hope you’re all enjoying the new video with @petermckinnon and got a better insight on how I shoot my portraits! Link in bio if you missed out🌟

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Escape the ordinary... swipe✨

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