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a seattle city glow.⚡️
gonna give a few story shoutouts to people who comment the most ❤️ emojis. READY, GO!

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moody greens with friends, somewhere in canada.🌲

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pretty pink bubbles at sunset.⚡️

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the noise of the city can be overwhelming at times. thankfully, the new @Bose #sleepbuds mask out noise to give you a better, more refreshing night's sleep! these little sleepbuds can block out noise for up to 16 hours while playing tranquil, soothing sounds. #ad

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a lightbulb that created a great idea.💡

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she was on top of the world, alive with the galaxy.
friends! this months @photoshop theme is #Ps_Starry. as i'm sure most of u know, i have an affinity for stars, so i got quite excited about this one! @photoshop really is an incredible tool that i could not have created this image without! #AdobeInsiders #AdobePartner

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she lit my world ablaze.🔥

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the sky was made of magic.⚡️

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it was a warm, southwest morning and she had a magic glow.⚡️

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she was lost in the lights.⚡️

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she was my spark that never went dark.💥
happy fourth of july friends!❤️

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she was on top of the world with her head in the clouds.☁️

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