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much to human’s dismay i’ve always slept at the foot of the bed rather than in the cuddle zone. the two big guys are not quite as polite as I.

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ruff weekend.

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🐳🐶 true love is wanting to spend time with your bff even if he/she drools and being able to have a party on the bathroom floor bc one of you needs to cool down on the tile after a day at the dog park. #b5familyfbf

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human bought this amazing throw for baby sis, but i like it. so i’m going to take it. #survivalofthecutest

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happy first birthday to benny, the goofiest, stubbornest, bestest newest addition to our family!!! i’m sorry i fell asleep during your birthday photo shoot. wake me up when cake is served.

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when your friends are trying to get you to go out on the weekend, but you just want to stay home with your bff and binge on old law & order svu episodes. #b5familyfbf

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is it too late for a thursday photo?

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any other pups out there like to wedge themselves into things? we so sillies.

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synchronized chomping. #b5familyfbf

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dog life. no complaints here. 🐶😴

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we’re convinced that until recently, she thought she was one of us. much to her disappointment she’s since realized that she’s just another human. #b5familyfbf

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