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A few moments with @curtislepore we wanted to share that didn't make it in the tribute!!! 🙌🏻😂 BABY ALIEN and EPIC JURASSIC PARK series were some of the first fan favorites! Of course we can't forget TWERKTEAM BUSTERBEANS! Buster was very attached to @curtislepore and had separation anxiety, so it was always hard being apart ❤️😭REST EASY BEANS WE LOVE YOU!!

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11 years old, birthday beans!!!

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Yep, I'm 10 years old today! 👴🏼

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Head over heels for the #WorldDogAwards on @theCW tonight! I'm all dressed up and ready for the big show, are you? #sp

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Who ripped my ball!?! #bustersball @shonduras @marcusjohns @curtislepore

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How do I keep in shape? Heavy lifting! Who else is gonna go see @TheRock in the new @HerculesMovie? #TeamHercules #sp

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Dang @christiandelgrosso is pretty comfy tho

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Spoiler alert #godzilla

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