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@tidelinetoalpine and her dog Frank are currently on the PCT and have completed 25% of it! Follow along with their incredible adventure!

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Summitng a mountain or finishing a trail is fulfilling on its own but sharing that memory with your dog is indescribable. And on the way home, a sleepy, tired puppy, is a happy puppy! Here’s to those who live for their pets. Happy Wednesday! @alexborsuk #campingwithdogs

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Dogs have impeccable timing. Just when you get dried off and comfortable, they quickly remind you that your plans are not always their plans. PLAY WITH ME IN THE SAND HUMAN! @chipperraney @scvincenti #campingwithdogs

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All aboard! @mariavanonen #campingwithdogs

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How many of you have been to Canada? @mywhiskeygirl #campingwithdogs

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*sells belongings. **moves to Switzerland. @dogswiss #campingwithdogs

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More days than not, all we really need is fresh air and the company of a few dogs. @trustyourtrail #campingwithdogs

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Soon it will be winter and we’ll be missing the warm days of summer. #campingwithdogs @anne.geier.fotografie

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Is this what Heaven looks like? @goldenretrievers
Congrats to Scotland for setting a new world record of 361 Goldens in one place 🙌
By @buddy.scotland.golden and @golden_chewbacca

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“Kiss dogs, not boys.” - @jadubya @boone_tails

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Summit selfies! @sam__davis

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Job Opening: Branch Manager. Qualifications: must love dogs and must be ok with moving to Switzerland. *immediately signs up* @dogswiss

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