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“So Much More Was Said In The Unsaid”

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I want to acknowledge A VERY SPECIAL PERSON on A VERY SPECIAL DAY!!! @lala It’s very hard to put in words how special of a person you are. Your hardwork, your perseverance, your commitment, Your heart is something that I will always admire and cherish. The way you hold our family down is Remarkable. I know you’ve been through a lot. Somethings people just would never understand. To have you by my side regardless of Good Or Bad, through thick and thin is something I will never take advantage of. I can go on and on, but at the end of the day, to make a long story short, HAPPY BORN DAY!!! Love ❤️ You

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Oh You Mad, Huh? 😂 “Take A Step Back, Evaluate, What Is Important, And Enjoy Life”

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So You Mean To Tell Me...NVRMND

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2018 To Be Continued...
More To Come

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“What’s Understood Doesn’t Need To Be Spoken on”
This is 🔥. Thanks 🙏 sis @beyonce

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“Fashion Has Always Been A Repetition Of Ideas, But What Makes It New Is The Way You Put It Together”

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Front Row Shenanigans

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“For All The Low Hangin Fruit. You Get Your Work Done Early So You Can Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Labour” 😝

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