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🌞Morning essentials. I’m only 14 pages in but @heyamberrae ’s story about her fathers death and how it was her gift in disguise has already made me cry. 🙌🏽 I got sent this ‘skin gym’ facial workout device for de-puffing and collagen boosting, which I’m skeptical about, but I think I’m going to give it a try and share my failures or findings. 🦋 Maya @maya_wellplanned also recommended these @muradskincare supplements to me because summer is coming and body acne is a thing, aaaand @simcaur has me drinking hari chai (geeen tea) 🍵 to the same excessive extent that my Dad adds salt to food. 🍴 So I guess you could say that I’m on this new health kick, or perhaps it’s just the post-finals coping/revival mechanisms that will fade in a few weeks. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Either way, hope you’re having a great Thursday, and god help me I just readjusted my leg and spilled tea all over the couch.

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GIVEAWAY! 💕 We’re BACK with this contest, this time as #BMGLiveOutProud! 🌈SWIPE RIGHT to watch the video & read below: (Also a huge thanks to @clarencemortonphoto for this amazing photo!! Check out his page for more epic art and creativity!!) 🌸

1) Follow @boymeetsgirlusa, @cassandrabankson & @trevorproject.
2) Comment below, and tell us what LOVE means to you on @boymeetsgirlusa’s post as well as @cassandrabankson’s post.
3) We will be selecting TEN winners!
4) Each winner will receive a BOY MEETS GIRL PRIDE UNISEX T-SHIRT (with the choice of the BOY MEETS BOY logo, GIRL MEETS GIRL logo, or BOY MEETS GIRL logo). From there, upon receiving your t-shirt -- we ask that you make a video with your t-shirt, with the answer you posted to the question. It will then be shared on @boymeetsgirlusa’s Instagram. Good luck! 👍🏻 This contest will run from 5/22/18 until 5/25/18 at 11:59 PM EST. We thank you in advance for your patience while we verify the winners. Per Instagram rules, this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering this giveaway you are confirming you are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, & agree to their terms of use.

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Can anybody recommend a good cruelty free heat protector for hair strengthening? 🙆🏼‍♀️ I’m looking to switch things up... and still refusing to allow anyone with scissors near my mane for a trim 🙈 so your favorite product recommendations are appreciated!!! 💕 Here is a mermaid emoji as a thank you in advance. 🧜🏽‍♀️ PS- the makeup in this photo was the first time I tried out the @itcosmetics CC Cream ‘Your Skin But Better’ with SPF 50 - click the link in my bio to see how it looked after 12 hours of wear on my acne-scarred skin!! 🌸 (and as always, you can swipe right to see the un-retouched version of my skin in this photo!) 🦋

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One of the hardest things about having curly hair is damage. We always hear about certain things that can destroy hair, from dying, to perms and simply straightening it. Curly hair takes that to the next level – because curly hair has a twisted follicle, many of the different sides of the hair are exposed to the elements. We are talking sun, wind and any moisture in the air damaging and frizzing it up at every opportunity. Achieving smooth hair has always been a challenge for me, especially because I want to grow my hair as long + strong as possible but avoid major chops/haircuts. I have found a few things that work for me that I have posted about over the years, but just recently I switched back to using one of my favorite haircare lines, @giovannicosmetics . I originally found them 4 years ago when walking into whole foods, looking for a sustainable and natural brand while traveling in Atlanta. I picked up their Blackberry and coconut line and was hooked. Recently, while browsing the whole foods isles for vegan cookies, I came across their Eco-Chic Smooth As Silk shampoo and conditioner; two products I didn’t even know existed. I love that these are completely vegan, use natural + organic ingredients and are eco sustainable. They are formulated specifically for damaged hair and they contain grapefruit, mango and even willow bark. Since I have been trying them, I have been blown away. It has been so long since I have been able to find a product that makes my hair so silky smooth and doesn’t have sulfates (an ingredient in many hair products that dries out hair) and not only does it add smoothness/shine, but it actually helps detangle hair and help prevent against future split ends. It also doesn’t weigh on my hair. If you are a curly girl you already know: certain products are so “luxurious” that they are heavy, and pull out the curls making them look raggedy and stringy instead of bouncing and full. This conditioner literally shapes my curls wonderfully, and lets them bounce naturally without any added weight. I will continue using these and bring you an update (or comparison to my old routine!) but if you are curly, try now or forever hold your peace!

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I got electricity shot into my face during a facial....and filmed a video all about it! 🙈 I cannot wait to share this with you next week! 🦋 Head over to (The link is also in my bio) to see what happened at @traciemartyn , what I learned and the results before, during and the after! ⚡️

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I have positivity in my pants!! 🤣😍 Workout tip for all humans: exercise because movement is a privilege and you can, not as punishment for what you eat. This brand, @temaathletics is constantly inspiring me. ⭐️ Whether you’re getting dressed up or keeping it casual, all of their clothing is made for body inclusivity and body positive sizes. 💕 Their advertising and images all future real people. They use minimal, if any Photoshop, and they stand for all of the things I so wholeheartedly believe in. 🙌🏽 If you are in need of workout clothes, or simply think yoga pants are way better than regular pants, make them your next purchase. Not sponsored, literally a happy customer and teama girl for life. 💪🏼 (did I mention these workout pants have built-in pockets? Ever since experiencing the luxury of leggings with pockets, I cannot go back to the previous treachery of pocketless yoga pants.)

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Another one shot by @jsharmaphotography!! ✨ Want to know the story behind this photo? The video link is in my bio 🙈 (the makeup is, too!)

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🌞 She’s like sunshine that’s unconcerned the weather forecast calls for rain; she’ll break on through and shine down anyway. 🌞 Shot in Boston by the amazing @jsharmaphotography (also, yes, moooooooom I’m wearing a shirt it just doesn’t look like it.)

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Feelin’ all types of rosy!! 🌹 @smashboxcosmetics launched a Petal Metal collection with @vladamua that can literally teleport you to the moon and back. 🌙 Complete with holographic astro-dust. ✨ Not only is @vladamua a queen and @smashboxcosmetics a cruelty-free cult favorite, but my middle name is Rose so I relate to this collection on ultra-personal-levels. 🙌🏽 Swipe right for the glory of this collection, and smash the like button on all of @vuracious ‘a photos- she’s the amazing Photogropher who shot this masterpiece sitting in the middle of a living room floor holding the mirror up with her foot. 📸 Also, @vix4here is the makeup god who can actually get my eyebrows even 😂 Also, check out my IG stories for the Instagram life expectations vs reality. Enjoy and glow on babes!

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The greatest thing about puppies is that they love you just the way you are for exactly who you are no matter how many days it’s been since you’ve made your bed. 🐶 If you want to adopt any, contact @2inspire_world and @victoria_shartzer!!

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Skin Is In .. Always!!⚡️ Also, this chair is made from recycled @glossier skincare bottles!! 😍💕 Post a comment with your biggest skin care question, or product that you want me to review the most – you know that I live for the science behind skin care, and I am ready to try out a few new products and be your virtual guinea pig!! 😂 What product do you want me to try first so you don’t have to spend your money on it?! 🙈

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F*$% Bullies. ⭐️ I am so thrilled to be speaking at the South San Francisco Public Library today on anti-bullying!! 🍊 •
Come stop by today at 2 PM at 840 W. Orange Ave. in South San Francisco to learn about how the landscape of bullying has changed – from discussing cyber bullying, social media, how to identify and stop bullying, and even discussing the damage of gossip that is normalized by society that we do every day. 🙌🏽 •
At this free event, you will learn everything you need to know about how bullying has changed, what you can do about it and how to be an Upstander instead of a Bystander. 🦋 •
Thanks to @damon_hall_booth for this amazing photo, @boymeetsgirlusa for this phenomenal shirt that donates to end cyber bullying, the @bullybust initiative for having me as an ambassador, and the @sfpubliclibrary for giving us a space to discuss and educate these important topics openly. 🦋 •
It’s all happening today at 2 PM, and if you attend, I am bringing some free make up goodies for subscribers of my YouTube channel! 😍 Be sure to mention that you follow me online, and grab a free make up goodie and a hug to go along with all of the information you will learn! •
I can’t wait to see you there! 💋 #cyberbullying #endbullying #bullybust #sflibrary #upstander

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