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Look, the new me is really still the real me.

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I was asking via questions if I was scared of starting a new career after 30: "I think this is due to being in school again.
But I don't see it as starting a new career. Everything I've done has prepared me for what I will do moving forward.
I see it as evolution.
As growth into who I've been all alone and just didn't know how to get there (or I was so busy chasing things I thought I needed or wanted I couldn't get out of my own way.) There have been trauma loops I was stuck in but ya know, now, I work more but I work smarter. My heart is soft. And as a wise man named Aubrey once said, I think I really like who I'm becoming.
So am I scared? Everything in the future can be scary if I think about it. Futures are the great unknown. But I'm prepared, come what may.
On a realistic side, do I worry I've missed time to hit a different salary cap? Maybe. I might be late to some games but we all get where we are going in due time, I just took the scenic route."

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“Many strong girls have similar stories: They were socially isolated and lonely in adolescence. Smart girls are often the girls most rejected by peers. Their strength is a threat and they are punished for being different. Girls who are unattractive or who don't worry about their appearance are scorned. This isolation is often a blessing because it allows girls to develop a strong sense of self. Girls who are isolated emerge from adolescence more independent and self-sufficient than girls who have been accepted by others.
Strong girls may protect themselves by being quiet and guarded so that their rebellion is known by only a few trusted others. They may be cranky and irascible and keep critics at a distance so that only people who love them know what they are up to. They may have the knack of shrugging off the opinions of others or they may use humor to deflect the hostility that comes their way.” #MaryPipher // the book as a whole I wasn't into but some bits are worth sharing.

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#mentalhealthmonday is about time. The saying "time heals everything" is mostly true but why? Think about it this way: time allows for growth, maturation and new perspectives. It also is difficult to keep the same level of emotional intensity day to day. (this doesn't mean some things won't always hurt in a way, but the sting is different and all together new as time goes on). And as we increase positive or feel good experiences and situations, we can cushion hurts or the not so good stuff we have gone thru (even old traumas can be healed with a conscious approach, a willingness and desire to heal, and good ole time). Though I think it's beautifully human to feel all we do, we get the choice to feel everything (without numbing ourselves) and then allow a combination of time and love (and support) to get us to a new place on our journey. So. Trust time, and trust yourself.

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It's Sunday. Be easy with yourself. Consciously learn the practice of tenderness until it becomes a course of matter. (and if your heart is heavy and need a reminder, hit up the blog iamtrillyoga.com/blog) (arm and back muscles earned separately)

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How you spending Saturday? I'm currently taking a nap. + Weekend throwback to hanging in Vegas at @cosmoprofna · Also, white jumpsuits are my favorite. And yes, I wear them with athletic slides as semi formal wear. #secretselfiefiles

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August is upon us and so is skin that needs hydration. Y'all know I'm a huge believer in @truebotanicals for quality and their face mist is my must have for glowing skin (especially during travel!) Most mists are made of water while #truebotanicals Radiance Mist is made with white and green tea and algae - ie: nutrients and antioxidants that revive & refresh skin // And bc I (and @truebotanicals) love you, there is a very rare 15% off sitewide special happening with code Claire15 - @truebotanicals mists, oils, antioxidants; definitely what has made my skin more supple, refreshed and even toned! (link in bio) #TruePartner

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#tbt I don't take selfies but when I do it's in a mirror at a movie theater fresh off a large popcorn with butter. Movie favorite. // There is a misconception that to be in wellness you have to live a certain way 24/7 or only eat certain things or only dress a certain way. I hope if nothing else I can continue to show y'all a laid back realistic approach to wellness and well being that's rooted in truth and a realistic approach that's open for everyone to come to and learn from. I don't even buy into the "it's about balance" approach. It's about a perspective that is stable in every decision. And each choice is a representation of what works for you and your life at any given moment.

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Throwback #wednesday to hanging at @bizbabez and another week seeing a major magazine decide that nudity is empowering. Sigh. My own history with my body is as complex as it gets but continuing to think women "bearing it all" is gonna fix body image or do much anything to progress women being more valued than their bodies. Is it bold? Eh. Is it powerful? Eh. Women are still far too objectified to continue to think that seeing other nude bodies helps us feel better about our bodies (or stops eating disorders.) Im also pretty sure a fixation on bodies (even when many shapes are shown) still makes women feel worse, not better, about themselves. I also don't like that they are pulling in honesty and respect and that women should love and embrace being sexy. Sure, but why is nudity the only way to be "sexy"? Why are women still just bodies? Why is nudity still so titlating we call it super brave? My dear audience, please don't equate skin with confidence. Wear what you want. Do as you please but understand we are more than bodies and self esteem is way deeper and way bigger than your body and nudity. If you want to read more about this, hit up multiple blogs I wrote. Or follow a page like @beauty_redefined Bc @womenshealthmag missed the mark. Feel free to continue this conversation below. (And this is not a holier than thou sentiment. It's a call to really question what we are told and shown everyday)

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" look im a sad girl from a long line of sad girls, doesn't mean you can talk to me that way " / reading the January children again.

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I love a good panel. Throw back to discussing body image + body awareness with @lovesquad · Speaking of. Wrote a long piece about how yoga changed my relationship to my body. Up on @medium today (link in bio) How has your relationship to your body changed via yoga, fitness, meditation?

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"“Envy, jealousy, ambition, any kind of greed are passions; love is an action, the practice of a human power, which can be practiced only in freedom and never as the result of a compulsion." #artofloving · Weekend vibes.

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