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🌱Non-toxic beauty G I V E A W A Y 🌱 They continue! Let's make this summer all about self-care, confidence, and feeling beautiful -- in a way that's better for your body AND our environment. I've teamed up with the amazing @oseamalibu and my fav menstrual cup brand @lunettecup to give TWO WINNERS the chance to win $100 in vegan, non-toxic @oseamalibu skincare + an eco-friendly, safe, bpa-free @lunettecup kit ☀️ To enter:
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For all the introspection, thoughtfulness, willingness to speak up, desire to learn more (especially more if there's an arguement of my own to support,) kindness and humanity...along with most this opinionated intellect in general; I have to give thanks to my father. // Definitely would not be me without him #fathersday

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"Our brains instead construct our worldview based on what we pay attention to... As Gallagher summarizes: “Who you are, what you think, feel, and do, what you love – is the sum of what you focus on.”” // Friday reading.

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GIVEAWAY TIME again! If you follow me you know I love @neocell products for collagen. Which is dope for hair, skin, nails, joints, etc. I've been taking it since 2010 ish. Big fan and it supports my active lifestyle along with the hair and skin benefits I love. So! I'm happy to announce @neocell and I am going to give away 8 containers of their super collagen. That's 8 winners! To enter: Answer the following question in the comments: How will this super collagen help you?? (Could be anything, even I just wanna try it!) 💙 Tell ya friends too. 8 winners is great!! Good luck! (Must be in the US to enter this one, winners announced next week) #giveaway #collagen #hairskinnails ALSO. Collagen is not just for women...anyone who lifts and wants to add this to shakes can see benefits.

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Not for the faint of heart. Or head.

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When everything goes to shit so you go find some sun in the burbs. (Dudes. Save face and dont even comment. Thanks)

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#mentalhealthmonday is a trip down yoga memory lane. My body and practice has not changed, but perhaps I have. Perhaps my concept of perception and the world around me has too. Part of saving my sanity is evolving. My strength lies in thinking too much, analyzing and bringing new ways of thought or being to my audience. It's also a reminder we don't have to forever remain the same and accept that change is inevitable but growth is optional.

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Time to make being open, honest and aware cool again as us humans could use more genuine connections now more than ever. // Emotionally Available crop top. Now on pre sale @ iamtrillyoga.com/shop (link in bio) / limited edition. Grab them while you can my friends 🖤 low key should tag my therapist for getting me to this point.

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Don't recall at what age men's behavior and treatment of women started to effect me. When I started altering my way of being to either protect myself or be more comfortable existing as a woman in the world. Despite being free spirited, educated, and rebellious, slowly but surely the truth of how objectified women are became more apparent. Tho personal experience abounds, I'm more so disturbed by the disconnect I see in how men act vs how they judge women. I see don't see how men aren't ashamed at this point. When is it going to be unacceptable to be "one of those guys"? Toxic masculinity has become so normalized I start to wonder if it ever changes or if they realize the deep impact it has on the entire state of women (and humans) as a whole. It's exhausting and rallying cries to empowerment women or talk about "badass girl power" don't go too far if some men are still acting the way they have and believing certain women are acceptable to disrespect or degrade. Women are not here to be objects. To be harassed or for your enjoyment. Until men can actually stand up and correct one another's (and their own) behavior there will forever be a lack of respect towards women on micro and macro levels. And some of this is from the very men society also calls leaders, husbands, brothers, fathers, etc. How weak must these men be? What gross mishaps in parenting must have happened when they were kids? What part about character and integrity did they miss that includes the treatment of women? Don't mind me tho. I'm pissed off today.

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Suicide breaks my heart. Yet people are more willing to offer condolences in death than compassion in life.
Of course. If you need help, please reach out to someone. You are never alone. Hotlines and real people are here for you and there are a million other posts for those when tragedy strikes. I am so sorry you are hurting.
For others, don't wait until you're worried about your friends or family, nor assume that they are strong enough or can handle things, aim to have more genuine connections and support safe spaces where we can share with one another. Take time. Be present. Practice empathy. Stop judging and start listening. Mental health issues are serious and worth working on with a professional but we all can lead with more love, compassion, and humanity (not just in theory but also in practice.) Imagine a world where mental health stigma was gone, we all loved a little harder, we all were able to express emotions to one another, and we all received these bids for connection with an open heart and were more available for one another in real and thoughtful ways. With suicide rates going up, it's bigger than just offering hotlines but please don't wait to seek help or speak up about your struggles. My own depression reminds me that no matter how dark, there is always light to be found again. And. If y'all are overwhelmed by grief (with all this news or your own loss, also know you can reach out for help.)

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Thursday thoughts time: I think we often forget how much goes on behind the scenes with social media. Or how complex and dynamic humans are, not to mention creatives and small business owners have way more on their plates than social posts might ever see. As I'm currently working on so many things, my presence on socials ebbs and flows even more past my natural inclination to avoid posting but I'm always grateful for the continued support of my work, my thoughts, and my pace of being in a space that encourages over sharing and contrived authenticity. So to all my other hard working, introspective and private friends? It's okay to not put everything on social media, and it's okay to not devulge every detail of your ups and downs here either. It's also ok to have wildly dynamic and complicated lived that rarely get publicized (and when they do they're wrapped up in a nice bow.) This space is my business. And if I can take breaks and practice acceptance of those truth's, you can too.

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Just a quiet lady who likes meditation and memes// #TeenVogueSummit covered all the most pressing issues for young people today; digital news, gun violence, identity + culture in American, journalism + responsibility, voting + political activism, environmental concerns (I totally met @algore), immigration, equality, diversity, mental health, and period empowerment. · Heavy topics call for some time to reflect, happy to see the teens who took advantage of the meditation space with me today. And big ups those who came to yoga bright n early Saturday. 🖤

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