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UNRULY FOREVER @popcaanmusic album out NOW!!!!!!

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To my brother @demar_derozan I want to say 10 million thank you’s on behalf of YOUR city. You are a fixture in Toronto forever and you gave everything you had. Through your leadership we had the most exciting years in franchise history. I am grateful to have witnessed your combination of skill, persistence, and loyalty from the same seats every night. Thank you for being an incredible captain and an even better friend. To Kawhi...we look forward to a this new chapter and we welcome you to the most intense and supportive city in NBA basketball!!! You have always been a poised clinical warrior and I can’t wait to see how Toronto inspires your fight. Let’s Go Raptors.

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Things will get cancelled.

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Met the legend on the night we went number one. ✅🙏🏽🙌🏽 @theshiggyshow

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@charliesloth FIRE IN THE BOOTH out now on YouTube 🇬🇧😵✅

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Anyone know this ting?

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Out Ere

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All 7’s...

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