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For the #CHANELFallWinter 2018/19 pre-collection, Karl Lagerfeld imagined pared-back monochromatic looks with hints of color. @adutakech

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A necklace is inspired by a Coromandel landscape, with clouds culminated in mother-of-pearl, mineral stratum in diamonds and gold, and magical trees of white diamonds. Discover the legend – link in bio. #CHANEL #ChanelJewelry #Coromandel #HighJewelry

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The high jewelry pieces are crafted in the traditional savoir-faire method, exclusively by hand, producing works that embody a potent and palpable energy. Discover the legend – link in bio. #CHANEL #ChanelJewelry #Coromandel #HIghJewelry

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A gouaché painting is created of the high jewelry piece, not only to capture technique, but replicating the light and the color of the stones, and the emotion the piece evokes. Discover the legend – link in bio. #CHANEL #Chaneljewelry #Coromandel #HighJewelry

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Floral, Coromandel-inspired panels are interpreted in pink sapphires and white diamonds, while a 30.55 carat, Mint tsavorite garnet punctuates a sautoir of green tourmaline beads. Discover the legend – link in bio. #CHANEL #Chaneljewelry #Coromandel #HighJewelry

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In the apartment of Gabrielle Chanel, the eye wanders freely across the Coromandel screens, a narrative unfolds across each panel, providing inspiration for the high jewelry collection. Discover the legend – link in bio. #CHANEL #ChanelJewelry #Coromandel #HighJewelry

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In this collection, the Coromandel screens are reimaged as a series of motifs, each represents an order of nature: flora, fauna, and mineral. Here, a bird reborn in white and yellow diamonds, is released to glorious heights. Discover the legend – link in bio. #CHANEL #Chaneljewelry #Coromandel #HighJewelry

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The physical manifestation of the idea: the sketch. A bird from the foyer of the Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment is caught in flight, exuding a sense of movement, joy, play, all captured by the artisan. Discover the legend – link in bio. #CHANEL #Creativeprocess #HighJewelry #Coromandel #Chaneljewelry

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“The first time I saw a Coromandel screen, I cried out: ‘How beautiful!’ I had never said that about any object before.” — Gabrielle Chanel in the private apartment of Gabrielle Chanel, almost every surface is a Coromandel screen
Discover the legend – link in bio. #CHANEL #Chaneljewelry #Coromandel #HighJewelry

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Coromandel screens became set pieces for fashion shows, backdrops for promotional pictures, and elements in advertising campaigns. #CHANEL #Chaneljewelry #Coromandel #HighJewelry

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Gabrielle Chanel’s obsession with a lover inspired a lifelong infatuation with an object — Coromandel screens. Scenes of flora and fauna, landscapes of places afar, once etched into lacquer now find life anew in a high jewelry collection
Discover the legend – link in bio.
#CHANEL #Chaneljewelry #Coromandel #HighJewelry

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A final look at #CHANELHighProfile — models closing the #CHANELHauteCouture show in elongated looks with zip openings from Karl Lagerfeld’s Fall-Winter 2018/19 collection. @laurenjdg @victoriia_evseeva @camhrl @birgitkos @sarahdahll @hiandramartinez @cara_taylorrr

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