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This will make more sense soon... @pairofthieves

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Time with the short one.

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I’ve made some new friends!

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Jack didn’t do it right. Thanks @poshmark for inviting me on your yacht party! Good times.

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Nailed it @nathanielmeek - hey @kingjames , need a three-point shooter???

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“Uh my friend... that’s a sandwich for you.” I was told that if you put a twenty between your ID and your credit card that often they’ll hook you up with an upgrade. Apparently it’s called the “20 dollar sandwich”. I only had about 7 ones on me so I wanted to make sure my sandwich at least appeared to have a lot of meat!
Somebody’s sleeping in the Terrace Suite tonight!


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I’ve arrived! This photo is not photoshopped at all. This is my personal jet and definitely not @jetsuitex - if it was @jetsuitex I would thank them for letting me take these obnoxious photos for my Instagram. Wink wink @jetsuitex

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Ladies, am I doing the pose right? I may or may not have chartered my own private jet to take me to some NBA summer league. Mo money, mo problems. YOLO, am I right?!? Also, I may not have, I may not have chartered my own private jet, that would be way too expensive! This is one of those new group private jet things... very affordable ticket price.

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How’s your Sunday going so far? #flirting

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The Rose Bowl Flea Market - “When you need something much larger than it’s supposed to be!”

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My Saturday

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Stay cool out there! Love, Goose.

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