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Happy Father’s papa! Thanks for being such a great dad AND for making our family take this photo. #happyfathersday #1985

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I’ve created the perfect sleeping area! Am I missing anything? What would you add or take away. - curious. Feeling pretty good about what I’ve got going on here.

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Limited photos from last night, but here are a few... @miz_cracker @monetxchange @eurekaohara @lanamckissack
Sooo many beautiful looks and moments last night.... can’t wait for everyone to see the finale. Always a special shoutout to the Birther of Miz Cookie. Love ya Mother!

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We’re heading somewhere.

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I am Goose.

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Started writing this today.... He opens the door to a silence he knows
Takes off his shoes and sits down
Stares at the tv that’s not even on
Till the silence is too much to bare

He turns on his phone and scrolls through the lives
Of people he knows he won’t meet
Goes back outside and he stares at the stars
As a tear starts to roll down his cheek

Cause he knows
Tomorrow is more of the same
Cause he knows
There’s nothing to do
Nothing to do here but wait.

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It’s Friday, Guys! Get out there and make some bad decisions!!!

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Jacked June Day 1
I’ll story the month.
I’ve gone in and out of shape for 5 years now BUT...

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It’s not gonna be May!

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Okay, back to dog photos. Here ya go! Super non-controversial photo of a dog. The greatest dog... damn it, I just made this controversial again didn’t I?

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Why I keep posting about that Parkland Shooter video. When it comes to the recent increase in mass shootings / school shootings, I see a lot of people being very vocal about what type of gun laws we should have to help the situation. I’ve heard arguments from both the left and the right as to why they firmly believe their policy prescription would lead to more lives saved. If we pinpoint school shootings as a problem and list the possible ways to decrease the potential for future shootings - Not naming or showing the shooter’s face is one of them, and it’s one that everyone agrees on. So why is it that we keep allowing media outlets to name and show the shooter’s face? Where’s the outrage? Here’s something that we all know would have a positive impact on this horrific situation, and it feels like the fact that IT IS a Bipartisan issue is why people aren’t motivated to see this change. Okay, I’m done. I’ll get back to photos of dogs and selfies I guess.

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I dedicate this to @rupaulofficial and my mother @miz_cracker @rupaulsdragrace #rupaulsdragrace #mizcracker #mizcookie
What other songs would you want to hear Miz Cookie potentially sing?

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