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When you’re from the ‘60s and still down to cruise. #TBT #Chevy #Camaro

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Refined, with a big personality. #ChevyTraverse

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The serenity that comes with a fully fueled car every morning can be yours with a #Chevy #BoltEV.

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Chris A. takes a moment with his #ChevyTrax to enjoy the skyline. And while his car fits perfectly into the eclectic lifestyle of urban living, Chris told us he has plans to take his small crossover out of the comforts of tight parking spots and on to some rugged adventures and dirt roads very soon. It's nice to have a vehicle that can so easily go from traffic filled streets to empty backroads.

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Every seat is the best seat. #ChevyEquinox

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#NowPlaying @thewildfeathers. Check out the latest episode of New Tunes Test Drive for some behind the scene footage of the band. #ChevyCMA

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It's the simple things in life. Thanks for sharing Heather E. #ChevyTraverse

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Designed with long trips in mind. #ChevyEquinox

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Congrats to the @mlb #AllStarGame MVP player who really put it in fifth gear. #ChevyBaseball

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As far as voting goes, this is the bottom of the ninth. Hurry and take your #ChevyBaseball pick!

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Are you an umpire? Because we need you to make a tough #ChevyBaseball call. What @mlb #AllStarGame MVP vehicle would you choose?

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A family car you can still be excited about. #ChevyTraverse

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